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Zmodo Doorbell Review: Pros & Cons and Verdict


One of the most popular companies, Zmodo, has released several successful products that are considered one of the bests on the market.

With the company’s dedication, hard work and knowledge, they’ve managed to become one of the most reputable brands in the industry.

For example, Zmodo is well-known for its security camerassmart doorbells and door lights. Let’s move aside the security cameras and door lights and talk about Zmodo’s most successful product, Zmodo Greet Doorbell.

When you’re looking for a good doorbell that’ll secure your home and make it more comfortable, Zmodo Greet can surely help with it.

With the doorbell’s high-definition camera, outstanding design and unique features, Zmodo Greet is a wonderful doorbell which is liked by many.

Like other doorbells, Zmodo Greet had its own hard times and fails but today, it became one of the bests and sells really well. On top of this, Zmodo Greet has a lot of satisfied customers.

Let’s dig a bit deeper and discuss the strong and weak points of Zmodo Greet, analyze the doorbells features, design and capabilities.

After that, we can conclude our Zmodo Doorbell Review with a reasonable answer. Let’s not waste more time and start talking about more interesting things.

Zmodo Greet Doorbell

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Zmodo Greet Doorbell Review

Right now, we’ll start reviewing one of the most complete doorbells on the market. Zmodo Greet is a fantastic product with incredible features. It’s well-designed and works flawlessly.

It’s a popular product on Amazon and considering the company’s reputable name, we shouldn’t doubt Zmodo Greet’s quality and performance.

1. Installation Process

The first and foremost thing we have to discuss is the installation process of Zmodo Doorbell. Considering that Zmodo is a wired doorbell, some people think that it’s impossible to install it and a professional help is essential.

Well, this is false. Installing Zmodo Doorbell is pretty easy and all we have to do is follow the manual and do everything as it says.

In order to not waste time on explaining the process step-by-step, Zmodo has uploaded a great video that perfectly explains how the installation is done.

If you follow the video and do whatever it says, you’ll have your Zmodo Doorbell running in 5 minutes.

It’s pretty easy, right? It should be understandable enough to install the doorbell without anyone’s assistance.

We shouldn’t waste more time on this topic and it’s better to move on and discuss some serious stuff.

Setting up Zmodo Greet

2. Design

One of the biggest concerns of a buyer is the design of the product they’re purchasing. Everyone wants to buy a product that looks attractive and adds some visual value to their homes.

Zmodo Greet Doorbell doesn’t fail on this. Zmodo Greet has a really good design that attracts a lot of attention. It’s shiny, quality work and most importantly, beautiful.

Compared to other smart doorbells, Zmodo Greet is covered in more metal but it makes the doorbell look much more attractive.

Zmodo Greet Doorbell Design

If we take a closer look, we’ll notice how well-made Zmodo Greet is. It isn’t hard to see how much attention did the company pay to perfect the doorbell’s smallest details. That’s not something every company does and the one’s who do, aren’t much.

In short, Zmodo Greet is a well-designed product that looks better than the majority of smart doorbells. If we compare it to doorbells like Ring, SkybellDoorbirdAugust Doorbell CamRing Pro and Skybell HD, Zmodo won’t get less attention than they do.

To say it frankly, Zmodo Greet will attract a lot of attention from your visitors and will constantly get compliments on its lovely looks. Sure, it’s a matter of taste but, personally, I like Zmodo Greet’s design more than any other doorbell’s.

3. Features

Zmodo Greet has some really good features that might even surprise you. With its several unique features, Zmodo Greet scores big and significantly improves its overall rating.

Zmodo Greet has a 720p HD camera, on-demand video, two-way audio system, smart motion detection system and many other interesting features.

Zmodo’s first doorbell is partially considered as a failure but the one we’re talking about now is a completely new product that ranges unbelievably good features.

With Zmodo Greet 2.0, this doorbell became one of the bests on the market. Let’s talk a little more about Zmodo Greet’s features and see what’s it capable of.

We’ve also included a great chart that includes the most important features of Zmodo Greet:

Features of Zmodo Greet Doorbell Details  
Camera 720p HD
Field of View 155°
Night-vision LED technology
Audio and Video Streaming Two-way audio and one-way (for security reasons) video streaming
Motion Sensor Yes
Dimensions 5 x 2 x 3 inches
Storage Zmodo Greet comes with a built-in 8GB storage
Integrations Can be integrated with Zmodo’s other products
Weather Resistant Yes (heat, humidity, rain, sleet and snow resistant)
Easy Set-Up Quick and easy setup
Cloud Storage In the nearest future Zmodo Greet will introduce a cloud storage feature
Warranty 1-year
Mobile Application Flexible mobile app that works flawlessly
 Suggested Price    

That’s not all. Zmodo Greet has some other good features. For example, you can set “quiet hours” from your mobile application and silence notifications. This is really good if you’re asleep or are doing some other important stuff.

Zmodo Greet is enabled with a PIR sensor. It’s really sensitive and smart. As soon as outside movement is detected, the application will alert you with a video clip.

One more thing I’d like to note is Zmodo Greet’s awesome feature that allows you to record a message for your visitors that’ll automatically play when you can’t or don’t want to answer the door.

Pretty cool, right? Zmodo Greet will also save the video and you can review it later.

Lastly, Zmodo Greet’s motion detection system is pretty good but it could use some improvement. Sometimes, the doorbell sends false alerts but it’s not something serious that should stop you from buying it.

The team is working really hard to improve the little glitches left and after updating the firmware, motion sensor’s problem may completely disappear.

4. Pros and Cons

We’ve mentioned lots of things on Zmodo Greet. We’ve reviewed its features, rated the doorbell’s design and wrote about several different things.

But haven’t talked about Zmodo Greet’s advantages and disadvantages. So we’ve created a detailed chart that ’ll give you a clear understanding of Zmodo Greet Doorbell’s strong and weak points.

Pros  Cons  
Message recorder No cloud recording system (but it’ll be available soon)
Easy to use Package only contains the doorbell and the user’s manual
Modern design
HD video and audio quality
Integration with other Zmodo’s products
Great mobile app
Built-in 8GB storage
Quiet hours feature

That’s pretty much everything. This chart perfectly answers the question, “what are the pros and cons of Zmodo Greet Doorbell?”.

Verdict on Zmodo Greet Doorbell

All in all, Zmodo Greet is a fantastic doorbell with wonderful features. It’s good looking, durable, attention-seeking and user-friendly.

With Zmodo Greet’s 720p camera, smart motion detection system, built-in 8GB storage and flexible mobile app, it’s not surprising that Zmodo is one of the best-selling smart doorbells on the market.

Zmodo Greet becomes even better when you’ll realize it can be paired with the company’s other products like security cameras.

In short, if you plan to purchase a quality, good-looking doorbell, Zmodo Greet is the way to go! Most importantly, Zmodo Greet is a durable product and don’t expect it to stop working in a year or two.

If you want to make your home more modern and secure, Zmodo Greet will definitely help you achieve your goal.


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