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Vivint Doorbell Camera Review


Today, home security is becoming a major issue and people are constantly trying to make their homes more secure and smart.

In order to make a home secure and smart, a great investment would be purchasing a video doorbell.

Having the ability to monitor activities and record what’s happening outside is a great thing to make you feel safe.

But the question is who can offer us a reliable product that’ll increase the security of our houses? Well, how about Vivint? They’re a trusted company, they have incredible products and have been in the business for a long time.

Of course, besides their security system, Vivint has an incredible video doorbell that must be paired with Vivint’s Security system.

With the outstanding features Vivint Doorbell Camera has, it can be considered as one of the top products on the market.

It delivers a sharp 1080p video, has a 120° field of view, works flawlessly and is well designed. With the company’s high reputation and positive reviews on Amazon, Vivint Doorbell Camera surely is a desirable and a well-made product.

Vivint Doorbell Camera Review

Vivint Doorbell is such an advanced doorbell that unlike others, Vivint can record videos as soon as it detects movement and the best part? Vivint can record 24/7 and if the owner is willing, they can review the whole footage.

Pretty cool, right? Plus, I’ve rarely seen a buyer that complained about Vivint Doorbell Cam being ineffective or “not-as-described”.

Let’s review the Vivinet Doorbell Cam a bit more and discuss the most important details of this product.

1. Installation Process

Vivint itself said that professional Installation is recommended. Simply, because Vivint Doorbell Cam must be paired with the company’s security system. 

I can’t explain how exactly Vivint Doorbell Camera is installed because I’ve also hired a professional to do it instead of me.

So it’s more wise and time-saving to let a professional do the work.

2. Design

Vivint Doorbell Camera is a well-designed doorbell that caught the minds of the world. With its minimalist design and great colouring, Vivint Doorbell Camera is one of the best-looking products on the market.

I’ve seen lots of people comparing Vivint with other top-notch doorbells like Skybell HD, Ring, DoorbirdRing Pro and August Doorbell Cam.

Sure, all of these doorbells are good-looking and all of them attract a lot of attention. We could say that choosing between these doorbells is a matter of taste but we can do it differently.

Ring and Doorbird are well-designed doorbells and both of them have won awards for it. As for Skybell, to be honest, it’s nothing special that could drive people mad.

But Vivint Doorbell Cam looks like an old-fashioned wired doorbell that on the surface, won’t be that attractive.

Actually, Vivint Doorbell Camera  is very and I mean, very attention-seeking. I’ve read a lot of reviews when people talk about Vivint’s outstanding looks and how their visitors love to complement it.

Vivint Doorbell Camera's Design

Let’s move on and discuss the most important aspect of our review. The features of Vivint Doorbell Camera.

3. Features

Today, security became a major issue and people think of it even more. While choosing a home security system and a video doorbell, people always want to test/read about the product’s capabilities to know exactly if it suits their needs.

So let’s discuss the features of Vivint Doorbell Camera and analyse its most important aspects.

Vivint Doorbell Camera has an 120-degree field of view and takes ideal pics and clear videos. Vivint has an incredibly good night vision and takes quality shots. Considering that Vivint Doorbell Camera has a 1080p video, the only doorbells that compete with its quality are Skybell HD, Ring and August Doorbell Cam. So Vivint takes one of the top spots in terms of pics and video quality.

As for the communication, Vivint Doorbell Cam offers a two-way talk (in order to communicate with the visitor) and the built-in microphone and speaker are amazingly good. The sound is really clear and you won’t have problems hearing what your visitor is trying to say.

What I’d like to note about the installation process is that you don’t have to hire some random electricians to do the installation. Vivint will send a professional group that’ll flawlessly install your Vivint home security.

One of advantages that Vivint Doorbell Cam offers is that you can also use the keypad to answer calls and monitor outdoor activity. Unlike Ring and Skybell (also Ring Pro and Skybell HD), you don’t have to constantly carry your phone to be up to date.

Vivint Doorbell Home Security
Courtesy of Digital Trend

In order to make the review even more detailed, let’s move to another aspect and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Vivint Doorbell Camera.

As for the mobile application, Vivint’s App is flexible and works on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It’s not buggy and I’ve never seen users complaining about the app’s functionality.

4. Pros and Cons

We’ve talked only good about Vivint Doorbell Camera but it’s essential to discuss the doorbell’s pros and cons to determine whether it’s worth the investment or not.

Pros  Cons  
No drilling holes in your walls High upfront costs due to required professional installation
Lifetime equipment warranty Monthly monitoring fee (for the whole Vivint security system)
Professional installation included
HD video (1080p), 120-degree field of view and HD audio quality
Easy to use and understand
Two-way voice between you and the central monitoring station
Modern design
Great support

5. Other Specifications

Vivint Doorbell Camera offers 1TB of recording space that allows you to record the outdoor activity 24/7. That’s the BEST offer on the market and no other smart doorbell can offer something even close.

Vivint Doorbell Camera is only available in 1 colour and you can only buy a black one.

Like other smart doorbells, Vivint lets you talk with your visitor (two-way) and the video is only one-way for security reasons.

That’s pretty much everything about Vivint Doorbell Camera. So it’s time to move onto the last part of the article and conclude the review.

Verdict on Vivint Doorbell Camera

All in all, Vivint Doorbell Camera is a top-notch doorbell. If you already own or plan to purchase Vivint’s security system, you’ll feel yourself more guarded than ever.

With the doorbell’s incredible features, 1080p camera, 120-degree field of view and unlimited recording, Vivint Doorbell Camera definitely is an outstanding doorbell that successfully competes with other market leader doorbells.

So if you’re looking for a video doorbell that’ll make you feel safer and will transform your home into a fortress, purchasing Vivint Doorbell Camera would be the best decision to make.

Clearly, Vivint is a one-stop solution that allows people to remotely control things like lighting, temperature, telephone, the internet, outdoor activity and more.


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