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Skybell Review


Right now, we’re going to review one of the most popular doorbells on the market.

Skybell is the main competitor of Ring Doorbell and Doorbird. With its incredible features, Skybell is still struggling to keep up with its rivals.

This doesn’t mean that Skybell is a low-quality doorbell. Skybell is one of the most popular products on the market. Plus, it’s also a best-seller on Amazon with tons of positive reviews.

Skybell is a US manufactured quality doorbell and the company is always trying to improve its products quality and features.

Considering that Skybell was quite unsuccessful when they first launched the product and lots of buyers were reporting numerous bugs, the company worked really hard to improve their overall quality and minimise the number of bugs.

As you see, Skybell has done a great job and stands beside other industry leaders like Doorbird and Ring. Plus, they’ve released a new doorbell called Skybell HD.

Skybell has some really interesting and unique features that make the doorbell more attractive and desirable.

Let’s start the review and analyse every aspect of Skybell. This Skybell review article will clearly show if this doorbell is worth the investment.

Skybell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Review

In this article, we’ll analyse the Skybell Doorbell, thoroughly. We’ll talk about its advantages and disadvantages and lastly, we’ll sum up the review.

Let’s start the review with one of the most important parts, the package and the installation process.

1. Installation Process

We know that Skybell is a wired doorbell and installing it might be hard for some people. The only thing that complicates the process is the wiring process.

If have zero knowledge in electricity, you might find it hard to set up Skybell. Though, we’ve got some great news!

Skybell has published a detailed video that perfectly explains the installation process! With this awesome guide, setting up Skybell will only take a few minutes.

Keep in mind that you’re home must be wired to install a doorbell. If it’s not, you should hire someone to wire it or buy a wireless doorbell.

To say frankly,  installation and setup are relatively straight forward. It only takes a few minutes to finish it up.

To avoid any further confusion, read this installation process written by me.

  1. Remove the old doorbell
  2. Choose the right mounting plate
  3. Attach the plate to the mounting surface
  4. connect the wires to the wires on the Skybell
  5. Done! Skybell is fully functional!
  6. Just tighten the screws so that the doorbell won’t fall off

Now, download the Skybell app, launch it and the application will ask you to register. When it’s done, we can start adding Skybell to your device by just pressing the “Add a Skybell” button.

Note: You’ll have to enter the device ID and don’t get confused. The ID can be found on both, the device and the box.

The last step is connecting to your existing Wi-Fi network. Enter the password of your Wi-Fi and after 30 seconds Skybell will automatically connect to it.

As for the package, Skybell comes with a kit that includes mounting screws, plates (flush, doorframe and wedge), Allen wrench and user’s manual.

Buyers often talk about what will happen if their precious doorbell gets stolen. They do have a point because thefts sometimes do steal these modern doorbells.

Simply, because they look shiny and luxurious. But, don’t worry, Skybell has thought of such cases and made it clear with their clients.

Skybell offers a theft replacement guarantee. You just have to provide them proof of purchase and a police report. Plus, it should be purchased from an authorised reseller (for example, Amazon).

Though, it’s highly unlikely (nearly impossible) for someone to come with a sole intention of stealing your doorbell. If someone decides to rob you, they’re more likely to throw a brick at your window rather than stealing your doorbell.

2. How Skybell Works?

In order to understand how Skybell works, look at these five points:

  1. Someone presses your Skybell doorbell
  2. The signal goes to your Wi-Fi router
  3. Then the signal goes to the Cell Tower
  4. The Cell Tower sends the signal to your mobile device
  5. Then the Skybell app (which you have to download) sends a notification with a text “your skybell is calling”

If you still can’t figure out how the doorbell works, look at this great illustration and you’ll understand it in no time.

How Skybell works

3. Design

If we have to talk about Skybell’s design, we can say that it’s one of the best. Skybell is a well-made round, 2.8 inches in diameter and 0.8 inches thick doorbell. Skybell comes in two colours, Silvery Brushed Aluminum and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

When buyers rate Skybell, they always mention how good it looks and how well it fits their home. Making it more techy and modern.

I’ve heard from lots of people saying that Skybell attracts a lot of attention and guests always comment on its incredible looks.

Skybell 2.0

If a design is something that concerns you and you want to make your place look better, Skybell has some outstanding looks that’ll definitely make your home more up to date.

You can also read some reviews on Amazon and see what other people have to say.

4. Features

This is the most important part of our review. Besides the looks and the installation process, it’s important to purchase a doorbell that satisfies our needs.

Well, the need of a buyer varies from people to people, but we can discuss every feature of Skybell and only then decide whether it suits us or not.

This pretty much sums up Skybells features. In order to make it easier for you, we’ll also include an illustration. It’ll be much easier to process the information.

features of skybell doorbell

 This is a brief introduction to Skybell’s features. If you want a more detailed analysis, check the chart and make sure you read it well.

I’d like to talk a little more about Skybell’s camera and audio.

Unlike Ring and Doorbird, Skybell doesn’t have a Full-HD camera. For some buyers, this is a huge drawback. They think the image will be blurry and it’ll be impossible to figure who is standing next to your door.

Well, it’s true that Skybell can’t stream an HD video but the quality is more than acceptable. Here’s an image taken with Skybell’s camera. You can measure its capabilities with your own eyes.

skybell's camera

The live video lacks some detail but if you haven’t owned a doorbell with HD video recording feature, Skybell’s video quality won’t be irritating.

One more thing I’d like to note is that the Ring has a 720p HD camera, though has some bandwidth problems causing some serious problems while talking/watching the visitor.

As for Skybell, due to its reliability and  stability, you’ll never experience such problems.

Skybell is widely known for its stability. Their incredible team constantly works to improve their product’s quality. Keep in mind,  Skybell was named as a 2014 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award Nominee.

For a comparison, Skybell is as durable as August Doorbell Cam.

As for the audio, like the camera’s case, people talk a lot about it. I’ve seen several reviewers who talk badly about it.

Well, it’s not perfect but you can hear every word of your guest quite goodly. Skybell’s audio and video are quite good and it won’t cause any problems.

5. Motion Detection

Right now, Skybell has one of the most advanced motion detection system. Unlike other doorbells that randomly chime, Skybell rarely sends false alerts.

For example, Ring’s motion detection is so sensitive that it might chime if some vehicles pass by.

Though Skybell has much more advanced motion detection and in most cases, alerts the owner when someone is actually standing at the door.

In order to make Skybell more attractive, they’ll be adding a feature to record videos and save them for later (just like Ring does).

6. Advantages and Disadvantages

We’ve talked a lot of good about Skybell. Though, like every other product, Skybell has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It would be really helpful if we analysed the pros and cons of Skybell to help buyers decide if it’s worth the investment.

So, here it is. Dive in.

Pros  Cons  
Easy to use Can a little hard to install
Motion alert Non-HD video quality
iOS and Android support
Night vision
Flexible mobile application
Long range Wi-Fi capability
Motion sensor activation
On-demand video
Two-way audio streaming

We’ve discussed the installation and the video case. If these two aspects aren’t important to you, Skybell pretty much suits you perfectly.


All in all, Skybell is an incredibly good doorbell. With its outstanding and unique features, exceptional longevity and stability, Skybell can be a great addition to your home to make it more modern, techy and secure.

If you’re looking for a well-made, fair-priced and a quality doorbell, Skybell should be your number one choice.

Sure, Skybell has some bugs and glitches but the company is working really hard to perfect their product.

Skybell is a top-notch doorbell. It’s a product that will definitely meet your expectations. Skybell has been around for quite some time and they’ve surely developed a trustworthy name. Lastly, it can perfectly fit any type of buyer.


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