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Skybell HD Review


We’ve reviewed a lot of doorbells, compared some top-notch models but, right now, we’re talking about one of the most complete and modern doorbells on the market.

Compared to its predecessor, Skybell 2.0, Skybell HD is an unbelievable doorbell with exceptional features.

Today, Skybell HD can be called the market leader. With its new features and modern design, Skybell HD won the hearts of every buyer.

The previous models of Skybell had a lot of bugs and glitches. Though, Skybell HD makes up for every loss and boasts being one of the most complete doorbells.

With its 1080p resolution, on-demand live streaming, free clip storage and compatibility to Amazon’s Alexa and Google/Alphabet’s Nest, Skybell truly is a well-made product.

If we previously said that Skybell successfully competes with doorbells like August Doorbell CamRing and Doorbird, now, with their newest product, Skybell HD, they became the industry leaders.

SkyBell HD WiFi Video Doorbell

Let’s fully analyse Skybell HD and decide whether it’s worth the investment or not. We’ll discuss every aspect of Skybell HD and only then we’ll conclude the article with a reasonable answer.

1. Installation Process

Due to the fact that Skybell is a wired doorbell, lots of people find it hard to set it up. Mostly, people love to exaggerate and of course, setting up Skybell isn’t really that hard.

If your home is wired and you’ve previously used a regular doorbell, installing Skybell will be a piece of cake.

If you want to know more about installing Skybell, watch this detailed video that perfectly explains how to make Skybell work.

If you still find it hard to understand, refer to the user’s manual or read this small guide written by me.

  1. Remove the old doorbell
  2. Choose the right mounting plate
  3. Attach the plate to the mounting surface
  4. connect the wires to the wires on the Skybell
  5. Done! Skybell is fully functional!
  6. Just tighten the screws so that the doorbell won’t fall off

After you’ve attached Skybell do your wires, it’s time to download the app on your smartphone and connect it your doorbell.

If you’re home isn’t wired, you’ll have to do some drilling. Plus, there are some cases when modern doorbells like Skybell aren’t compatible with the existing mounting surfaces. So, you may have to do some drilling.

But these are the rare cases that aren’t likely to happen.

One more thing I’d like to note is the stealing case. Some people are concerned about their doorbells getting stolen. For example, “I’m paying such price for a doorbell and what if it gets stolen?”.

Well, you shouldn’t worry about this. Skybell has thought about this case until we did and Skybell offers a theft replacement guarantee.

In addition, no one will approach your home with a sole intention to steal your doorbell (duh? Who steals doorbells?). They’re more likely to throw a brick into your window.

2. Design

Sure, the previous Skybell models look quite good and we can even call it attractive and modern. Though, with the release of Skybell HD, it changed the battlefield, throughout.

Skybell HD became one of the most attractive doorbells on the market and today, authority publishers call it the most visually compelling doorbell.

If you take a closer look, it’s quite obvious that Skybell HD reached a whole new level and with its outstanding looks, became a symbol of style and attractiveness.

Skybell's Design

It’s meaningless to argue whether Skybell looks nice or bad.

What I can guarantee is that Skybell will get an incredible response and attract attention from your guests. Plus, it’ll make your home more modern and techy.

To say it frankly, Skybell did a great job and made its new product look incredibly good.

3. Features

This is the most important aspect of our review. We have to analyse how well has Skybell improved its product and if it actually deserves such praise.

We’ll present a detailed chart that includes every feature of Skybell HD.

This are the most important features of Skybell HD. We can pretty much say that Skybell HD towers any other doorbell in the industry.

With their unbelievable, free 7-day recording feature, Skybell HD truly became one of the most successful and desired products on the market.

We’ll also include a nice illustration that clearly shows the main features of Skybell HD. If you prefer visual content, you can use it instead of the chart (though the chart is more detailed so make sure you read it too).

Features of Skybell HD

There are several aspects of Skybell HD I’d like to discuss. The first is the camera.

We already know that Skybell HD has a high-definition 1080P camera that bests any other doorbell’s video recording system.

But it’s still interesting what quality is the video/pics taken by Skybell HD.

Skybell HD Camera
Courtesy of CNET

The picture and audio quality on Skybell HD far surpasses anything else I’ve seen. The quality of the pics and video is outstanding. It even becomes better when you realise you can zoom while talking to a visitor.

Plus, I’ve noticed that if your Wi-Fi signal is high, the quality of the video and image improves.

As for the audio quality, you’ll never have a problem understanding your visitor’s words. We can easily say that Skybell HD has a pure audio quality. Plus, the Skybell App has an option that lets you control the speaker’s volume.

In addition, Skybell HD has an outstanding night vision and you’ll never have to adjust the camera for day and night. Skybell HD will handle it automatically.

As for the 180-degree field of view, it might be a bit surprising how well Skybell HD captures pics and videos.

4. Motion Detection

Like every smart doorbell’s case, motion detection is the biggest problem of Skybell HD. Unlike the previous model Skybell 2.0, Skybell HD has an advanced motion detection system.

Though, sometimes, Skybell HD sends false alerts. This is mostly caused because Skybell HD has a very sensible sensor that reacts to every movement in the doorbells area.

But Skybell HD is quite smart and differentiates human movement from, for example, cars. Still, Skybell HD sometimes sends false alert but such cases are rare.

One more thing I’d like to note is Skybell HD’s timing. I’ve seen some cases when Skybell HD delays sending alerts.

This is mostly caused by Skybell HD’s configuration. The manufacturers have made it on purpose so that Skybell HD won’t send false alerts.

Plus, Skybell HD has three motion sensitivity levels, low, medium and high. If you want to minimise the false alert cases, you can simply set the sensitivity on low.

Overall Skybell HD’s motion detection is nearly perfect. At least, it’s far better than any other doorbell’s motion system.

The company is constantly improving their mobile app and Skybell HD’s functionality (motion detection) is improving steadily.

5. Cloud Storage

This is one of the reasons Skybell HD became so popular. Until Skybell HD was released, other doorbells offered no cloud storage (some have monthly subscriptions). Skybell HD took the game to another level and introduced cloud storage for free.

It can save a lot of pics and videos and if your free storage gets full, you can delete the unwanted content.

Moreover, if you want to save a specific video for a long time, don’t worry, Skybell won’t remove it. You can keep a certain video or an image as long as you want.

6. Integrations

Skybell HD has one more unique feature. It’s compatible with popular devices like Amazon Echo, IFTTT and Nest.

So you can use your Skybell HD to make your home more smart, modern and comfortable. Let’s discuss how exactly can we use these products with Skybell.

Amazon Echo – For example, if you’re Skybell HD is connected to Amazon Echo and your child is asleep, you simply tell Amazon Echo to set the doorbell on silent mode. Right now, this is the only way you can use Amazon Echo and Skybell HD. In the nearest future, Skybell plans to introduce the ability to turn on or off the motion detection. It can be quite useful when you work in the garden or something similar.

IFTTT –  It works exactly as advertised. You can record video, take a pic, change the colour of the LED, and turn on and off the chime with Alexa. You can use IFTTT as another security later. When you receive alerts from the Skybell app, IFTTT can be programmed to send text messages when Skybell HD detects motion activity.

Nest Cam Security Camera –  For now, Skybell HD can only be integrated with Nest cameras. I can’t say how well their cooperate because I’ve never linked these two. But from what other people say, it’s pretty good in concept. If you own these two, you can give it a shot and find out how well Skybell HD works with Nest cameras.

7. Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s analyse the pros and cons of Skybell HD. We mostly know the advantages of this doorbell but it’s also important to know what it lacks.

Here’s a detailed chart of Skybell HD’s strong and weak points.

Pros  Cons  
1080p video Installation can be a bit complicated
Motion alert Motion sensor sometimes sends false alerts
iOS and Android support
Night vision
Flexible mobile application
Long range Wi-Fi capability
Motion sensor activation
On-demand video
Two-way audio and video streaming

8. Support

One more thing I’ll talk about before concluding the Skybell HD review is their support. In case you have any type of question, you can reach out to Skybell and they’ll help with anything you want. Even if the question is too simple. they’ll happily help.

Moreover, updating the Skybell’s app (Skybell HD has a separate app and it isn’t related with Skybell 2.0) is one of the most important things because that’s what determines how well our doorbell will perform.

The team doesn’t fail on this. They regularly update their application and constantly notify the owner that there are some new features and bug fixes.

The support team is also very responsive and takes only a few hours (when we contact them through the mail) for them to reply. If you give them a call, it’s easier to get in touch with them, It usually takes 1-3 minutes for them to answer your call.


All in all, Skybell HD can be considered as the top smart doorbell on the market. With its exceptional features and outstanding design, Skybell HD towers its competitors and takes the name of the “industry leader”.

With their awesome team and determination, it won’t take long for them to fix those few bugs left.

If you’re looking for a modern, smart, durable, reliable doorbell that can be integrated with third-party products, Skybell HD will definitely exceed your expectations.

It could’ve been better if we had the option to adjust the resolution of 1080p video (for bandwidth concerns) but, I think, we’ll have that feature really soon.

This company has been around some time and they’ve proved several times that they can revolutionize the smart doorbell industry.


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