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Ring Pro Review


Home automation is a new trend and people have become obsessed with it. With all the comfort and benefits it carries, now wonder people buy various gadgets.

There are several types of products that can help you with your home automation process but there are only a few we can call essentials.

One of the products that can make your home smarter and increase the overall security is a smart doorbell.

With a smart doorbell, you’ll have a better control over your surroundings, feel safer and automate some annoying things.

When we start looking for a smart doorbell that can do all things mentioned above, only one or two video doorbells can handle the job.

Well, the smart doorbell that can make your home smart, secure and safe is Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Ring Pro is the newest product of the startup and came out as a huge success.

Ring Pro is a smart doorbell with a beautiful design, exceptional capabilities and highest longevity. Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a product that, today, leads the doorbell industry.

Let’s review the Ring Pro Doorbell and find out more about it.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review: Pros & Cons and Verdict

Ring Video Doorbell Pro is an industry leading doorbell that gets the best response from the buyers. Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the highest-rated doorbell and a best-selling product on Amazon.

With the doorbell’s exceptional features and unique specifications, Ring Pro has noticeably improved since the startup’s first product, Ring Doorbell.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro has a 1080p HD camera and captures incredibly clear pics and vids. Ring Pro has enhanced its motion sensor and became a doorbell with the most advanced motion detection system.

There’s a lot more to discuss and we’ll analyze the most important aspects of Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

1. Installation Process

Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a wired doorbell and unlike Ring Pro’s predecessor, it can’t operate as a wireless doorbell.

Don’t let this scare you. Installing a wired doorbell is pretty easy and if you follow the instructions, you’ll have your doorbell running in five minutes.

I won’t explain the process step-by-step because it’ll take a lot of time and it’s not necessary. Ring has uploaded a video that perfectly explains the installation process. When you’ll get your Ring Pro Doorbell, follow the instructions (use the video or the user’s manual) and there won’t be a problem.

2. Design

When we want to buy a new product that has to be a new addition to our homes, it’s important to purchase a product that looks quite attractive.

Simply, because no one wants to use own “ugly” things. Well, Ring Pro certainly is a good-looking smart doorbell.

Even more. Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the BEST looking doorbell on the market. Sure, smart doorbells like Skybell HDAugust Doorbell CamDoorbirdSkybell and Ring look great but Ring Pro has taken the game to another level.

What I’d like to note is that Ring Doorbell Pro is made of quality materials and its rain, dirt, wind and sun resistant. It doesn’t scratch easily and it only takes a single touch to understand how high quality the doorbell is.

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In short, Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the best-looking doorbell on the market. Ring Pro’s package comes with four interchangeable faceplates. In other words, you can change the colors of your smart doorbell whenever you want and you don’t have to think about buying the right colored one.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review

3. Features and Specifications

Besides the looks of Ring Pro, it’s important to know the capabilities of the doorbell. Mainly because we buy a smart doorbell for its features.

If the features aren’t good enough and the only positive thing about the doorbell is its looks, well, it’s not worth buying.

We’ve created a great chart that perfectly covers this topic and to make it more comfortable for you, we’ll separately discuss several important aspects.

What we need to talk more about is Ring Pro’s Camera and the Motion Detection System. The field of view of Ring Pro is slightly smaller than the previous model’s but the quality of the camera has been improved.

The audio quality of Ring Pro is pretty good. The sound is pure and volume is also high. Frankly speaking, you won’t have a problem hearing what your visitor is saying.

Let’s get back to the camera. We already know that Ring Pro has a 1080p HD camera and takes brilliant pics and vids. It’s still really interesting to know how good those captures are.

Here’s a picture taken with Ring Pro’s camera at night. As you see, it’s pretty good quality and you can perfectly see everything that’s happening outside

As for the motion sensor, Ring Pro has a new feature that makes the system much more advanced and it definitely stands above any other doorbell’s sensor.

We’ll discuss this part separately because there’s quite a lot to talk about.

4. Motion Detection System

Having an advanced motion detection system is a must for a smart doorbell. A quality motion sensor is directly connected to your overall security. Only a motion sensor can alert you when someone is standing near your home or even if someone tries to rob your house.

If a smart doorbell has a weak motion detection system, it can’t send alerts when necessary. It’s true that most smart doorbells on the market have this issue and they regularly send false alerts. Sometimes, the motion sensor won’t trigger when there’s human activity outside.

Firstly, it’s quite hard for developers to create a motion sensor smart enough to differentiate, for example, vehicle movement from humans. So companies try to use other methods to minimize the false alert cases.

One of the methods is weakening the sensor that can also be disasterous. Ring knew that they had to improve their new product’s motion sensor but there were several barriers that made the process really hard.

Fortunately, they came up with a great solution. Today, Ring Video Doorbell Pro has the most advanced motion detection system.

With the companies innovative feature called the “customizable alert zones”, Ring Pro caught the minds of every buyer.

The question you might have should be, “what does customizable alert zones mean?”. Glad you asked. This is a new feature (only Ring Pro has it) that makes the motion sensor more effective.

Ring Pro Alert Zones

With the customizable alert zones, you can minimize the chances of getting a false alert. This feature lets you choose motion zones and the motion sensor will only trigger if it detects activity in that certain area.

Think of it. Considering that doorbells aren’t smart enough to differentiate movements, Ring came up with the best idea.

Lots of customers are talking about how well the sensor works and how relieved they are since they’ve upgraded to Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

I can say for sure that Ring Video Doorbell Pro has the most advanced motion sensor on the market. Ring Pro is the smartest doorbell and has the most unique features.

5. Advantages and Disadvantages of Ring Pro Doorbell

Before we conclude the Ring Pro Review, it’s important to evaluate the strong and weak parts of Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

We talked a lot about the doorbell and now it’s time to talk about Ring Pro’s advantages and disadvantages.

Pros  Cons
Two-way audio and one-way video 160-degree field of view
Interchangeable faceplates
Advanced Motion Sensor
HD video and audio quality
Built-in night vision and LED technology
Lifetime protection (if someone steals the doorbell, it will be replaced for free)
Enhanced Wi-Fi connection
Cloud recording
VIP customer service


Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a top-notch doorbell that currently leads the market. It has thousands of satisfied customers, highest ratings on Amazon and the company is well-known for its reputable name.

In short, if you’re looking for a quality doorbell that can make your home smarter, modern and secured, buying the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a wonderful decision.

Today, there aren’t any doorbells on the market that could compete with Ring Pro simply because others can’t offer the same features as Ring does.

If for some reason you decide not buy Ring Pro and like other smart doorbells more, think twice. You might regret not making the right decision.

On top of this, I myself own Ring Video Doorbell Pro and couldn’t be happier with it! It works great and I haven’t had a problem with it.



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