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Magicfly Doorbell Review


Magicfly is a top-rated wireless doorbell with exceptional features and outstanding durability.

The era of wired doorbells has been long gone. It’s just a matter of time before people will start massively shifting to modern, hi-tech and smart doorbells.

A great example of a modern and smart doorbell is Magicfly.

With its huge positive review profile, modern design, easiness, simplicity and price, proudly takes its spot on our top 10 wireless doorbell list.

Magicfly Doorbell Review: Should I Buy One?

Buying a wireless doorbell like Magicfly will save you the hassle of wiring your home, hiring electricians and buying a wired doorbell that looks so unattractive.

With Magicfly, you’ll have a functional wireless doorbell that can be set up in minutes.

One of the drawbacks of Magicfly doorbell is its poorly written user’s manual. But don’t let it take you down, the installation process is really easy and takes no more than five minutes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Magicfly Wireless Doorbell

Pros  Cons  
Easy to use Poorly written instructions
Modern, simple and attention-seeking design
Transmitting Range: 300 metres (the package includes two so the range goes up to 600 metres)
50 (16 chords) elegant melodies
1 Year warranty
Four levels of volume

Installation Process

There are three really simple steps that are essential to complete in order to have a fully functional Magicfly doorbell:

  1. Plug in the receivers into a wall outlet and place the transmitter (we mostly call it the door ringer) anywhere near the entrance.
  2. The Magicfly Portable Wireless Doorbell Kit comes with two receivers  so if you have a big house it will be wise to put these receivers accordingly. For example, place one of the receivers upstairs and the other one downstairs. This way, there’s no way you’ll miss the doorbell ringing. Don’t forget to install the transmitter (you can use the tools that came with the Magicfly doorbell kit).
  3. Magicfly is one of the wireless doorbells that have 50 ringtones. With so many chimes, there’s surely something to please any kind of music taste. Magicfly doorbell has four levels of volume so you can choose the one that suits you best.

That’s pretty much everything that you should know about the Magicfly doorbell installation process.

What’s Included In The Package?

What’s Included    
1x Transmitter
1x 12V23A battery(10g)
2x Receiver
2 screws
2 plastic rings
1 double-side stickers

The Magicfly Portable Wireless Doorbell Kit includes everything that is necessary for setting up and running the doorbell.

Magicfly Doorbell Package

Magicfly Doorbell Specifications

Specifications  Comment  
Tunes: over 52 (16 chords) elegant melodies; Volume: 4 levels Volume adjustable from 25db to 110db; If you’re looking for a wireless doorbell with multiple ringtones, Magicfly is the best choice for you.
Stable long Wireless Range: 200 metres (300 metres at the open area); Magicfly doorbell comes with two receivers and that makes the range 300×2. If your home is big, Magicfly will be a great addition.
Excellent materials keep itself from getting higher temperature & interference Magicfly doorbell is a durable product with excellent design. It’s highly unlikely that Magicfly will ever turn into a ghost doorbell.
Includes 2 plugin receiver unit and 1 remote transmitter button Certifications: All products passed CE, FCC, RoHS approval. If you can’t rely on someone’s words and need additional information to stop doubting products quality, I’ll tell you that it’s really rare when a product gets CE, FCC, RoHS approved. And Magicfly is one of those rare cases.
1 Year warranty If for some reasons (that 99% of times never happen), your Magicfly will stop working, you’ll easy get an exchange.


Magicfly is one the top-rated wireless doorbells available on the market. It has more than 450 positive reviews on Amazon and the company keeps improving the product.

It has a modern, elegant and simple design, it’s easy to use, has more than 50 ringtones and most importantly, Magicfly doorbell is a durable product.

Plus, besides those awesome features we’ve mentioned, Magicfly is extremely affordable!


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