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How to Prevent Your Smart Doorbell from Being Stolen: 5 Creative Ways


So, you’ve already installed your video doorbell? Well, that’s the most critical move in ensuring the security of your premises. I mean, unlike traditional doorbells, video doorbells allow you to see whatever is happening outside your house, whether you are away or at home. Even so, have you thought about safeguarding your video doorbell from being stolen? Yes! It can be stolen. But isn’t this kind of security system supposed to deter thieves from your house? Well, I’m not denying that. I mean, anything from tampering to having your ring doorbell stolen can is possible. As a matter of fact, several videos have emerged online, showing thieves trying to steal video doorbells. Whether they are preparing for an attack or want the video doorbell, one thing is for sure- video doorbells are not as deterring as you might imagine. For this reason, we have prepared a guide with tips and techniques on how to prevent ring doorbell from being stolen, have a look!

A prominent camera can be a good deterrent 

A noticeable security camera helps deter burglars. Therefore, it might be helpful to install the camera where it is conspicuous and leave the status light on. To achieve this, think about where you want to install the camera and its main purpose. Then, mount your camera correctly to focus on the desired location and ensure that everyone who knocks at your door can see it and also the status light. 

Secure the power cables (Both Indoor and outdoor)

Unlike some wireless cameras that can easily be stolen, Nest and Ring cameras are typically plugged into a power outlet. Take advantage of this advantage and ensure that every peripheral device your video doorbell is safe, whether it is located indoors or outdoors. 

Securing cables for indoor security

  • Run the camera’s power cable through inconspicuous areas of the room, such as behind furniture or shelves, to make it more challenging to locate and disconnect. 
  • For a more secure installation, you can use cable ties to secure the cable to the wall. By so doing, no one will be in a position to detach the camera even if they are already inside the house. 

For Outdoor security

The Outdoors’s cable on most video Doorbells like Ring and Nest are permanently connected to the camera. To leverage this:

  • Use screws and cable ties provided to secure the cables to a wall or other surface. Remember to install a cable tie near the camera to prevent cable pulling. Even if someone succeeds in detaching the camera from its installation plate, it will be difficult to detach due to the presence of cable ties, screws, and cleats.
  • Conceal the power cable from the camera. Use the cable ties to run the cable along a doorframe, under a cornice, or in some other unobtrusive location.
  • If you paint the power cable and the cable ties the same color as your house, the installation will be more discreet. However, do not paint the camera itself. Painting or covering the camera may interfere with its sensors and affect its effectiveness or function. This may also void the warranty.
  • If your video doorbell is plugged into an external outlet, install a lockable cover on this outlet so that it can not be unplugged. You can route the flat USB cable through a door and connect it to an indoor outlet. In this case, place it out of reach by passing it through the top of the door rather than the bottom. You can also drill a hole in the outside wall to route the USB cable to connect to an indoor outlet. 

Backup camera video history in the cloud 

Smartphone apps let you watch live video feed on most video doorbell. In some cases, it may also be helpful to go back and see what happened at a particular moment. By pairing services such as Nest Aware with the camera, you’ll not only get smarter alerts, but you’ll also enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted video history.

Unlike security cameras that rely on removable local storage (hard drive, SD card, etc.), video recordings on most video doorbells are stored securely in the cloud on your account. Intruders can not access it. In the event that your Nest camera is stolen, these recordings can not be viewed or manipulated.

Strengthen your account security 

Most video doorbells such as Ring are password protected. By signing in, you can change the camera settings, view video footage, and delete your video history (. To prevent anyone from accessing or modifying your account without your consent, never share your password. In addition to the many security features of the lock, you can add an extra level of protection by logging into the app with two-step verification. 

Move your camera if necessary

 If there was an attempt to steal your camera, take the opportunity to ask yourself if it is appropriately positioned. Every house is different, and burglars do not act in the same way. It is up to you to decide whether you want to put the camera back where it was or to install it elsewhere. The different possibilities available to you are mentioned in the tips above.

What should you do in case your video doorbell is tampered with or stolen? 

Well, most video doorbells are high tech, and this makes it hard to steal. Moreover, they come with several security features, and this means there are several things you can do. 

  • Review your notifications and video feed: First and foremost, if your video doorbell has push notification, you will receive an alert if it detects vandalism or tampering. You can also receive a notification if it is destroyed or transported out of the range of your Wi-Fi network signal and disconnected. In some brands like Ring and nest, the notification contains a snapshot of the last image recorded by the camera.
  • Inform the police: It may also be useful to transmit the video recording to the police or gendarmerie. To do this, download a video clip of the incident. By informing the police, you might qualify for a replacement if you are using a Nest doorbell. 
  • Identify the thief: Whenever your video doorbell detects someone’s presence, they can save a snapshot and send it to you by email. So you will see the culprit and keep track of his attempt. To use this feature, make sure you have enabled email alerts for people.

Frequently asked questions 

  • Can video feed be destroyed or stolen by an intruder? No. Unlike security cameras that record video on local storage, such as a hard drive or SD card (which can be removed), feed on video doorbells is securely sent to the cloud. It is absolutely impossible to manipulate or delete recorded videos without knowing the password of the app. 
  • Can you view footage after the camera has been stolen? Yes. Even if your video doorbell was damaged or destroyed, your subscription might let you see what happened, thanks to the video history. And with some services like the Nest Aware feature of continuous cloud recording, you can see not only the full course of an event but also what has happened before.
  • What happens if someone turns off the power of my home or my Wi-Fi network? If your video doorbell is no longer powered or disconnected from the Wi-Fi network, the app sends you a notification that the camera is offline. Even if you are not at home, you are aware of this event, and you can ask a trusted person to check it out. When power is restored, or your Wi-Fi network becomes available again, your Nest Hello will reconnect automatically.


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