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Homasy Wireless Doorbell Review


When people think more about wireless doorbells and making their homes more modern, smart and secure taking action is important.

While reading a lot of wireless doorbell reviews, there are several products that noticeably stand out. One of those quality products is Homasy Wireless Doorbell.

If we talk more about this wireless doorbell, we should point out its quality and exceptional features.

Compared to other wireless doorbells, Homasy Wireless doorbell is affordable, has a decent design and some unique features that make it more desirable.

I’ve seen clients complaining that their previous purchases were a total waste and they’ve regretted not buying Homasy Wireless Doorbell a bit earlier.

The first thing we should discuss is the packaging of Homasy Wireless Doorbell.

The great part is that the package includes everything you need to set up the doorbell.

Check out the full package list:

  • 1*Transmitter (DC powered & A 12V 23A alkaline battery included)
  • 1* Receiver (AC powered)
  • 1*Double-sided adhesive tape
  • 2*Screws
  • 2*Anchors
  • 1*User Manual

What I find the most attractive is that Homasy Wireless Doorbell has 52 different chimes and 16 of those ringtones are chords.

Homasy wireless doorbell includes all-time classic chimes like Ding Dong and has 4 levels of volumes. Plus, if you have a family member with hearing problems, you can shut the sound and use the flash as a ring indicator.

As for the other features, the transmitter is waterproof and won’t be harmed by rainy weathers.

Homasy Wireless doorbell has an ideal working range. A few days ago, I read that one of the buyers conducted a test.

They’ve placed the doorbell near the mailbox so that the mail person could notify them. As they stated, the mailbox was 250 feet from the house and there was a huge brick wall between them.

As a result, they could clearly hear the doorbell.

Homasy wireless doorbell is a finely crafted product. It has a sleek, modern design and looks like a durable doorbell that should work flawlessly for several years.

As for the installation process, it’s so easy that even a person who never had any interactions with electricity will set it up in a few minutes.

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The doorbell instructions are really clear and even without it, Homasy wireless doorbell can be installed with intuition.

The last thing I’d like to point out is the sound quality. We have to take into consideration that all 52 ringtones sound different and require non-identical power.

So, you might have guessed where I’m leaning to:

The sound might not be perfect on every ringtone

Here’s the case:

Every ringtone has a clear sound if we don’t use the fourth volume level. But classical songs like Ding Dong and the one’s that are most commonly chosen have perfect sounds on every volume level.

Again, don’t take it as a disadvantage. Homasy wireless doorbell has one of the clearest sounds (It’s even superior to several doorbells that are out of its price range).

The exceptional and unique feature we’ve been talking about?

You’re going to love this:

If for example, you’re not home and a visitor comes by, Homasy doorbell has a place called “message holder” where you’re visitor can leave a written message and tell you something like:

Hey, I came by and you weren’t home! We’re having a party tonight and be there at 10!

Sound great, right? It’s one of the most exciting and lovely features I’ve seen.

Closing Line

All in All, Homasy wireless doorbell is a quality product that is affordable, good looking, has exceptional features and a wonderful sound quality.

If you’re short on money or just don’t want to spend money on other wireless doorbells, Homasy wireless doorbell should be one of your primary targets.


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