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Google Nest Hello vs. Ring Video Doorbell 2: Nest Wins


So, you are looking for a smart security camera, but you’re cautious enough to make sure that you get the best the market can offer? Well, that’s understandable. After all, your house is your castle, and few other things are as demoralizing and upsetting as having your sacred abode desecrated and violated by strangers and intruders. But what are your options? Most likely, you’ve scanned the internet, compared various brands, and finally narrowed your list down to two brands – Nest and Ring. Unfortunately, you are stuck not knowing which to go with. That’s where we come in. I mean, we’ve spent countless hours doing tests and conducting research. From the results, we can say one thing for sure, Nest Hello wins, and this is why. 

Ring Video Doorbell 2 vs. Google Nest Hello Comparison

With smart video doorbells, you always know who’s at your door. Be it a family member, a friend, the postman, or even a burglar. Inbuilt sensors and cameras will alert you of their presence, and you can interact with them if need be regardless of where you are. But which one of these should you buy? To help you make the right choice, we’ll take you through a comprehensive comparison of Google Nest Hello and Ring Video Doorbell 2. Our guide will cover all the major aspects, including:

  • Installation
  • Design
  • Image and video quality
  • monthly subscriptions and price plans
  • Compatibility and 
  • Connectivity  

Installation and delivery: Professional or not? 

Typically, you will not need a specialist for the installation because both manufacturers supply everything you need to install with their doorbells. The packaging comes with a drill attachment so that you can attach the smart video doorbells right away. Both manufacturers also provide detailed step-by-step instructions on their apps in case you come across any hurdles with the installation. Nevertheless, it is not a bad idea to consult an electrician if in any doubt. The packages come with: 

Google Nest Hello

  • Nest Hello Video Doorbell 
  • Connection wires 
  • A masonry drill
  • Window Decals
  • A mounting plate
  • An extension cable
  • Wall brackets
  • Screws and 
  • A quick start Guide

Ring Video Doorbell 2

  • Ring Video Doorbell 2 Wedge and angle installation kits
  • Installation tools and screws Battery Pack
  • USB charging cable Nickel matt and Venetian bronze
  • User Guide Adapter plate
  • Safety Labels Nickel matt and Venetian bronze
  • Battery Pack
  • Adapter plate

The only significant difference between the two-door cameras lies in the type of power supply: with the Ring Video Doorbell 2, you either use replaceable batteries or plug it to an existing doorbell system. For Google Nest Hello, you have no choice but to wire it. Ring also adds all the necessary materials to its Video Doorbell 2 for attachment in its package.

The battery runs for between six and twelve months, and the smart door camera notifies you when it’s time to re-charge it. The battery is charged by taking it out and connecting it to a USB power cable and adapter to an outlet. Alternatively, you charge the battery via the direct wiring on the doorbell system. 


Both door cameras are made of plastic. Google Nest and Ring both come with simple, yet stylish designs. Consequently, the two cameras fit seamlessly, anywhere, without poking out. They are also designed for outdoor use, so the housings are water-repellent and can withstand temperatures of -10 ° C – + 40 ° C (Nest Hello), or -20 ° C – + 48.5 ° C (Video Doorbell 2).

In terms of design, the Nest Hello is smaller and rounder than the Ring Video Doorbell 2. In contrast, Ring’s doorbell is slightly larger than the Google model due to its battery. 

Verdict: Nest wins 

If you are looking for a compact and stylish design, Google’s Nest video doorbell is an ideal fit. 

Picture and video quality 

For many, video quality is unquestionably an vital criterion aspect when choosing a doorbell. Ring records videos in 16: 9 format with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It’s just hard to beat Full HD 1080p footage: The videos are crisp and clear provided that your Wi-Fi connection is strong enough to stream in Full HD. Unfortunately, it only supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi – and can sometimes interrupt streaming.

Google Nest Hello, on the other hand, uses 5 GHz Wi-Fi, which offers faster data rates than the 2.4 GHz standard. Therefore, the app loads the 1600 x 1200 pixel live recordings faster and in excellent quality. It also comes with a 4: 3 format. This is less wide than the 16: 9 format and therefore shows the ringing people better, in their full size. Thanks to infrared sensors, the Nest Hello also has a night vision mode. Besides, the HDR mode delivers clean, high-contrast images, even in low lighting conditions.

Verdict: Nest wins 

Quality is paramount and if you want a video bell that can deliver meticulous footage, go with the Nest. Besides its good quality pictures, it is also faster, which means that you will never have interruptions. 

Motion alarm

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 offers per-app motion detection. This means that you can define in advance zones in which the camera should be triggered in case of movements. Therefore, it only films in the areas that you have selected. In contrast, Nest’s smart doorbell stands out from the Ring Video Doorbell 2 thanks to its face recognition feature. The Nest Cam detects if a human, an animal or vehicle triggered the movement and sends a notification. If the system already knows that person, Nest Hello makes that clear in the notification. These functions are not available with Ring Video Doorbell 2.

Verdict: Nest wins

In this category, Nest is the personification of innovation, intuitiveness, and ingenuity. It lets you know what triggered the motion and sends a notification so that you don’t have to waste your time. 

Pricing plans 

Both manufacturers offer several monthly subscriptions that give you a whole host of features. The biggest advantage: You also access the recorded videos later. 

Ring Doorbell Costs and Price List 

Ring calls its package “Ring Protect” under which there are two pricing plans. They include

  • Protect plus: With this, you can watch and share your video clips for up to 60 days after they have been recorded, but users in Europe only get 30 days. And if even you have multiple devices, rest assured that you are covered. That is to say; you can make a subscription for every device. Plus you can share your recorded videos on social media platforms. With this plan, you pay $10 / £8 / AU$10 monthly or AU$100/ $100 / £80
  • Protect Basic: This is cheaper but with fewer features. The biggest advantage: you can post and share the videos up to 30 days after being recorded. For this plan, you can choose to pay $3 / AU$3 / £2.50 for every month or $30 / £24.99/ AU$30 annually. 

Nest’s pricing plan

Nest only provides one pricing plan which they call Nest Aware. Its pricing plans are also different depending on the features you are looking for. You can pay £4 / $5 / AU$7 for every month and get five days of video storage if you want 10 days, you will have to pay £8 / $10 / AU$14 and for 30 days £24 / $30 / AU$30. 

Verdict: Nest wins

Though expensive compared to Ring, its pricing plans are more flexible, allowing you to record and store videos according to your needs. 


The apps are intuitive and straightforward. Which user interface is better is probably a matter of taste. For example, if you already have the Nest Alarm System or Nest Video Cameras, you can manage everything within a single app instead of working with multiple apps from different brands.

Verdict: Nestle wins

Both apps are user-friendly and intuitive. However, Nestle goes a notch higher by offering notifications ensuring that you know who is knocking at your door before even reaching it.

Bottom line

By now, I hope that you’ve already made your choice and obviously that should be Nestle Video Doorbell. Unlike the Ring Video Doorbell, it offers a holistic and comprehensive package in all of its aspects. I mean, it is futuristic, beautiful and delivers high-quality video footage.


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