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Doorbird Review


The latest buzz on the doorbell market was caused by Doorbird.

This highly-acclaimed doorbell is widely regarded as the best product available on the market. Many think that it easily steals the #1 spot and leaves the Ring and Skybell doorbells behind.

Well, that’s something we could debate about but let’s leave it for later. For now, we should talk about the Doorbird review and analyse its strong and weak parts.

Doorbird Review: Pros & Cons and Verdict

Doorbird is a really powerful doorbell with extraordinary and unique features. Doorbird has some exceptional characteristics making it one of the most desired doorbells.

Just to let you know, Doorbird is an award winning product manufactured in Germany and with Doorbird, you’ll never miss a single visitor.

Understanding Doorbird is quite easy because the manufacturers made sure any type of user could use it without any problems.

To begin with, Doorbird delivers an out-of-the-box 720p live video, the night vision system simply outstanding and the doorbell itself is quality made.

Though, Doorbird is wired doorbell and it’s important to know some tricks and know-hows.

So, let’s start the review with the so called complicated part – the installation process.

Doorbird Features

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1. Installation Process

Now, a lot and I mean a lot of people believe that installing wired doorbells needs some PhD in Electronics.

If your home is already wired, installing Doorbird will only take a few minutes. It’s really easy to install and to not waste your time with written guides, watch this video to fully understand the simplicity of the installation process.

Note: The video is in German but it comes with an English transcript.

If it’s still confusing, let’s discuss several details about the package and the installation process.

Installing Doorbird

Let’s be honest, Setting up Doorbird isn’t as easy as the process of Ring or Skybell. Though, if you’ve had any type of previous experience with home wiring, setting up your Doorbird will take at most 10 minutes.

If you don’t know anything about electricity and wiring, you should hire a professional electrician who will do the work for you.

Don’t be too put off by all this. It’s a harmless process that’ll make your Doorbird work like a charm.

After your Doorbird is installed and mounted on the surface, it’s time to download the app (available on both iOS and Android).

You should connect Doorbird to your home network with the app. This is a simple process and when it’s done, a German woman with an aggressive tone tells you “the connection was successful”.

Plus, Doorbird is compatible with standard door chimes, door openers and smart locks. Plus, there’s an interesting robotic vacuum connection coming up. For example, if you own a Roomba 650 or 880, you can do the following: Whenever you go out, Doorbird will detect it and the Roomba will start cleaning your house.

Let’s say it one more time. Don’t listen to others saying that the installation process of Doorbird is complicated and hard. The process is really easy and takes a few minutes to set it up.

What’s Included in The Box?

  1. Doorbird
  2. Video Door Station
  3. Mounting plate
  4. Lighting ring 12 intelligent Infrared Power supply unit (world-wide, 110 – LEDs 240V)
  5. DIN-Rail power supply sold Range 2-8m (dep. on environm.)
  6. Screw package
  7. Quickstart Integrated wireless modules Guide

If this doesn’t make sense, Doorbird package includes everything that’s required to set up the doorbell.

2. Features of Doorbird

Features Details  
Camera HDTV 720p, dynamic (VGA – HDTV)
Lens High-end Ultra wide-angle Hemispheric Lens 180° horizontal, 90° vertical, straightened, IR-capable
Night-vision Yes, automatic IR-Curt Filter
Audio Components Speaker and Michropone, Echo and Noise Canceler
Audio Streaming Two-way
Motion Sensor Passive Infrared sensor (PIR)
Lighting Ring 12 intelligent Infrared LEDs
Operating Conditions 20 to +40°C, Humidity 10 to 85% RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions 157 x 75 x 35mm (H x W x D)
Doorbell Button Stainless-steel button with illuminated LED Ring
Visitor History Yes. Doorbird promises to show the log of 20 recent visitors.
Weather Resistant Yes. Doorbird is temperature-resistant from -20° to +40° C, rain water protection in accordance with IP54 industry standard
Easy Set-Up Partially. Some people find it hard to install. But the user manual and the video posted above will make the process a piece of cake.
Colours Offered 1
Warranty 1-year
Suggested Price  

One of the biggest drawbacks of Doorbird is that it can’t record a video. In other words, like Skybell HD, Doorbird doesn’t have a server where the video can be stored.

Though, Doorbird can still take snapshots of people who press the doorbell button. As for the video recording, the company plans to add this feature this year.

3. Design of Doorbird

Doorbird is an incredibly good-looking doorbell. We can even compare it with the famous award-winning Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell and August Doorbell Cam.

Doorbird D101

If we look at Doorbird’s design, it’s really attractive and modern looking. It’s made of a reinforced polycarbonate with a stainless steel faceplate and button.

Doorbird is a doorbell that attracts a lot of attention and makes your home more smart, modern and secure.

It’s something that freaks out your visitors and gets lots of compliments.

If you love modern gadgets and you’re trying to make your house more modernized, purchasing Doorbird would be one of best choices to make.

Besides the advantages we’ve mentioned, remember that Doorbird won an award for its performance, quality, durability and design.

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Doorbird

We’ve only talked good about Doorbird but let’s not let it fool us. Like every other product, Doorbird has its pros and cons.

Let’s discuss those aspects and decide whether Doorbird is worth the investment.

Pros  Cons  
Outstanding design Might be a little hard to install
Easy to use A bit pricey
Night-vision No cloud recording
Stainless steel
HD video
iOS and Android apps
180° infrared motion sensor
Visitor history
Multiple connectors, e.g. existing door chime, door opener/strike

Well, if these disadvantages aren’t something that annoys you, Doorbird will definitely meet your expectations.

We can make this as short as possible and say that Doorbird, along with Skybell HD, Ring and August Doorbell Cam, is the most advanced product of its kind.

One of the features we’d like to note is the sound quality. A lot of buyers talk about it and think Doorbird has an awful sound system.

But, it’s on the contrary. Doorbird sound system is exceptional and works like flawlessly. It’s clear and the volume is quite high.

4. Safety & Security

Doorbird Camera

With DoorBird you won’t miss any deliveries – when postman rings the bell, Doorbird will immediately inform you. 

Do you remember when your parents told you to ask the person standing at your door who he was? DoorBird combines convenience and security and takes a snapshot of the person ringing the bell. You’ll instantly know who’s standing there.

If you’re not feeling okay with opening the door, you can ignore it knowing that there’s an unpleasant guest.

Besides the snapshot, you can watch a live video with the iOS & Android app.

As you see, the video quality is ideal. The interface of the app is quite simple and it’s really easy to use.

The only thing buyers complain about is the motion sensor being too powerful.

It was detecting the cars that were driving 60 feet away from the Doorbird.

If you’re living in a place where traffic is heavy, you can simply turn off this feature.

All in all, Doorbird makes your home more secure and protected. You can keep an eye on your place from anywhere. Plus, you can keep the thieves away.

Considering that most burgle happen during the day when no one is home, Doorbird will alert you when someone approaches your home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a launch in a restaurant, having vacations abroad or just driving a car. You can simply chat with them using the two-way talk feature.

5. Verdict

We can sum up the Doorbird review and simply state that Doorbird promises you outstanding features and exceptional protection.

Doorbird is a German made high-quality, award-winning product.

Doorbird offers HD video, visitor snapshots, flexible iOS & Android apps, stainless steel interface, impressive 180° infrared motion sensor, alarm system and a two-way talk feature.

If you’re looking for a modern doorbell with modern design and quality features, Doorbird must be your #1 choice.

The company guarantees that it’ll meet and even exceed your expectations.

All in All, Doorbird is a modern product, it’s visually appealing and has some outstanding features. Plus, the cloud recording feature will be available soon and Doorbird will become even more desirable.

Doorbird is unquestionably an attractive product. It’s a wonderful addition to any type of home.


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