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Doorbird D202 Review


There are lots of bad smart doorbells, a few good ones and a single best doorbell. You know a lot about those bad doorbells and you already know which mustn’t be bought.

You’re also familiar with the good doorbells. You’ve probably read a lot about them and may have considered buying one for yourself.

The good news is that, right now, you’re reading a Doorbird D202 Review and that’s the smart doorbell we addressed as the best.

The question is why Doorbird D202 is so good? Is it the price? Design? Features or something else?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ll talk in this article and find out what makes Doorbird D202 so great.

Doorbird D202 has one of the best designs on the market, it only takes a glance to understand how well-crafted the product is.

What I like about Doorbird D202 is that it’s an actual door station. With its incredible features, HD camera, beautiful design and numerous satisfied customers, we can easily call Doorbird D202 one of the best smart doorbells on the market.

You might see a lot of people talking about Skybell HD and Ring Pro. They might say, “Oh, these two are the best doorbells on the market!”.

Well, they actually are one of the bests but they can’t possibly take the #1 spot when DoorBird Video Doorbell D202 is around.

I can talk endlessly about Doorbird D202 and praise it like I’ve never done it before. But what we really need to know is the actual features, specifications and statistics of Doorbird D202.

We must know for sure if it’s worth the investment and that you’re not wasting your time reading some plain words.

So let’s start the Doorbird D202 Review and find out what this smart doorbell has to offer.

Doorbird D202 Review: Pros & Cons and Verdict

The first thing I’d like to note is that Doorbird is a very reliable company that has been in the doorbell industry for many years. They’re also known for their popular model, Doorbird D101 that has been converting really well and has thousands of satisfied customers.

With the company’s reliable profile and their successful product line, it’s obvious  that Doorbird D202 is a quality made smart doorbell. Plus, it’s developed and engineered in Germany.

Doorbird D202 Info

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1. Installation Process

Let’s start our review with the installation process of Doorbird D202. Knowing that Doorbird D202 is a wired doorbell, some might think that installing it could be really hard.

Actually, it’s a basic process and if you have the smallest knowledge in electricity, installing Doorbird D202 will only take a few minutes.

Unfortunately, There’s no video guide on the internet that could help you with the installation process but I’ll give you some tips to consider.

Firstly, Doorbird D202 comes with a great package and also has a nice user’s manual. Doorbird D202’s package includes everything you’ll need for the installation process. Plus, the user’s manual is pretty detailed and explains everything in detail.

Here’s a nice vid that shows the package of the Doorbird D202. You can check it out and see what it includes.

If you still have some questions about the installation process, you can contact the Doorbird’s support team. They’ll gladly assist you.

2. Design

Doorbird D202 is an exceptionally good doorbell. It has one of the best designs on the market and can boast being one of the highest-rated ones too.

What I like about Doorbird D202 is that besides being a doorbell, Doorbird D202 is a status product. It’s widely used around the world and you can see the Doorbird D202 installed on numerous mansions, hotels and residences.

Installed Doorbird

Or take a look at this stunning residence in Switzerland with its D202 DoorBird:

Doorbird D202 in Switzerland

What I want to say is that besides the powerful features of Doorbird D202, it does a greater job than just offering extra comfort.

Doorbird D202 is something that stands out and attracts huge attention and if you want a new product that’ll add value to your home or workplace, Doorbird D202 will do the work, perfectly.

3. Features

What we need to do now is to review the features of Doorbird D202. We talked about the doorbell’s design and it’s pretty obvious that Doorbird D202 is a gorgeous doorbell with extraordinary looks.

But we don’t need a doorbell that just looks good and can’t offer anything besides its attractive design. For this reason, we’ve created a chart that completely covers this topic.

These are the basic details you need to know. We’ll talk more widely about some features below.

The camera’s quality is really good and it can be considered as one of the bests on the market. With the 180-degree field of view and clear images & vids it captures, only Ring Pro and Skybell HD can keep up with Doorbird D202’s quality.

Doorbird D202's Camera

One more thing we have to discuss is Doorbird D202’s motion sensor. It’s a really important factor for people who are concerned about home security.

With the motion sensor, we can minimize the risk of burglaries and keep an eye on our homes even if we’re out of the country.

The questions is if Doorbird D202 can offer an advanced motion detection sensor that’ll prevent the cases mentioned above.

Well, today, Doorbird D202 has one of the best motion detection systems that even exceeds the likes of August Doorbell CamArlo Q PlusSkybell HDRing and Skybell.

I can say it for sure that Doorbird D202 rarely sends false alerts and it works flawlessly. Doorbird has also announced that they’ll be adding the Cloud Recording feature very soon. This is a great addition that’ll make the doorbell even more desirable and reliable.

For now, Doorbird D202 can be integrated with Smart Locks like August, Chamberlain MyQ, Kevo, Lockitron, LiftMaster MyQ.

On top of this, Add-on cameras are available for indoor and outdoor use. As for the audio system, Doorbird D202 has a pure sound and you won’t have any problems hearing what your visitor is saying.

4. Advantages and Disadvantages

Besides the features and the design of Doorbird D202, we have to analyze the strong and weak parts of the doorbell to know if it’s really that good.

Pros  Cons  
HDTV 720p No Cloud Recording feature
Motion alert Pricier than other smart doorbells
iOS and Android support
Night vision
Flexible mobile application
Long range Wi-Fi capability
Advanced motion sensor
On-demand video, Two-way audio and video streaming
Can be integrated with other products

That pretty much sums up the advantages and disadvantages of Doorbird D202. The only drawback of Doorbird D202 is not having a Cloud Recording feature (also the price if it concerns you).

It’s already known that Doorbird D202 will have a Cloud Recording feature really soon so the only thing we’re left with is the price.

5. Integrations

Doorbird D202 is a great doorbell if you plan to integrate it with other products. For example, you might be using security cameras, intercoms, smart locks or other smart gadgets.

Lots of smart doorbell manufacturers aren’t open to such kind of ideas but Doorbird D202 doesn’t fall into that category.

Doorbird D202 can be integrated with almost every big name in the smart home industry. So if you use Nest Security Cameras, August Smart Locks or other popular gadgets, don’t worry, Doorbird D202 can be paired with any of them.


Doorbird D202 Video Doorbell

In short, Doorbird D202 is a quality doorbell that, in our opinion, is the leading product in the doorbell industry. With its outstanding looks, exceptional features, the status it carries and durability, Doorbird D202 is definitely is an industry leading smart doorbell.

If you’re looking for a doorbell that can secure your home, make it more attractive and modern, you should consider Doorbird D202 as your #1 priority.

If you’re thinking of alternatives like Ring, Ring ProSkybell & August Doorbell Cam or Zmodo, just don’t. They’re no way near the Doorbird D202.

It’s the quality that makes the difference and Doorbird D202 is superior than any other smart doorbell on the market.

In case you have some doubts left, check out the Doorbird D202 on Amazon and read what other people think of it. It’ll help you to make the final decision.


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