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Best Video Doorbells with a Monitor


Look left, right, and center, and you will bear me witness that we are living in an era where security is an indispensable necessity. Luckily, WIFI enabled video doorbells that can be integrated with smartphones have stepped in to fill the gap in style. After all, what could be better than seeing who is at your door from the comfort of your couch or bed?

Unfortunately, such video doorbells are only viable if you have a Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone. Does this mean you can’t secure your home if you don’t have these devices? Fortunately, no! All you need is a wireless video doorbell with a monitor, and we have researched the best to ensure that you make an informed decision. Have a look! 

TMEZON video doorbell

This model is arguably one of the bestsellers under this category, and it easy to see why. Unlike most mediocre video doorbells in its category, it offers excellent picture and video quality, which can be displayed on any of its four expandable monitors. These include two primary seven-inch monitors. And if need be, two more indoor monitors and one additional doorbell can be connected to an existing system.

For easy installation, it comes with an extension cord that allows you to mount it anywhere within or without your house. And the maximum allowable distance is an impressive 200 meters. With such a length, you can seamlessly connect the outdoor unit to existing wiring. If you are looking for an extra twist of sophistication, you can also connect the TMEZON to an electric door opener.

Depending on the setting, video recording will start either as soon as the sensor detects movement or when your visitor activates the doorbell. Recordings are then saved on a micro SD card. With an angle of 100 degrees, the outdoor camera provides above-average footage. While it’s infrared sensors, provide clear pictures and footage even in dark conditions. Besides, the outdoor unit is housed in weatherproof materials that protect against dust, water, and excess sunlight.

Legrand video doorbell

If you attach great importance to multi-functionality and are looking for a technically advanced video doorbell with a monitor for your home and, the Legrand video door entry system could be the idealist option for you.

The control system can be easily connected to an existing doorbell wiring and is compatible with most electric doors. The outdoor unit is reliably protected against dust and water spray thanks to the IP54 protection. The touch-sensitive seven-inch display of the indoor station displays footage in contemporary HD quality while the control unit is intuitive, thanks to the user-friendly touchscreen.

Looking for sophistication and style? Well, the Legrand can be upgraded to a reliable outdoor surveillance system by connecting four additional cameras. You can also connect several other monitors to the outdoor unit, to facilitate communication within the building from the outside. 

1byone video doorbell

The 1byone electronic doorbell is the right choice if you are looking for an ultra-modern, multi-functional, and attractively priced model.

The outdoor unit comes with a 120-degree viewing angle and thus covers a fairly wide range. Other security features include night vision using six LED bulbs. Unlike doorbells with infrared night vision, LED bulbs to allow you to see, only witching the required vicinity. In addition, it comes with a 15-meter-long connection cable and a one-gigabyte SD card so that you can record and store footage locally. The installation is also easy, and the operation is user-friendly and intuitive. If need be, you can expand the 1byone video doorbell by adding three additional indoor units. 

Sequro GuardPro video doorbell

The Sequro GuardPro video doorbell comes in a modern, clean look and distinguishes itself with a wide array of smart features. Most notable, the system includes two seven-inch indoor monitors with touch-sensitive screens. If your house has existing wiring, it can be used for the installation, and this will transmit video and pictures if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection.

The outdoor camera offers an impressive 150 degree wide viewing angle, allowing you a wide area of view. It is also fitted with a night vision function to enable video recording even under low light conditions. The camera takes both photos and videos of your visitors, and stores the data on the internal memory card of the indoor unit. Alternatively, you can save the data on a micro SD card. 

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Monitor your home and respond to your front door visitors on your mobile phone, tablet or PC with Ring Video Doorbell’s advanced security system 2. Ring will send you a notification when someone nears your door and you will be able to see, hear and hear visitors and talk to them – from everywhere.

It produces full HD video which enables you to monitor your home at any time with high quality live video and audio. When the motion detector is activated, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone, tablet or PC when someone rings you or the motion sensor built into Ring is triggered. The built-in microphone and noise canceling speaker lets you hear and talk to visitors through your mobile device. Moreover, it works with Alexa and can connect to selected Echo Show (Echo Spot) and Alexa-enabled devices (7th Generation Fire tablets and Fire TV) so you can monitor your front door activity anytime by voice.

With two interchangeable bezels to choose from, you can customize the look of your security system to suit your home.

AMOCAM Video Doorbell

The AMOCAM Video Doorbell Phone is best suited for single-family homes. If you want to buy a high-quality model and have a comparatively small budget, this doorbell is the device for you. The AMOCAM Video Doorbell Phone video system can even be even installed on existing wiring, for instance, as a replacement for an older system. 

This video doorbell comes with an Ultra-Flat design, great sound quality, dimmable screen, and 16 selectable doorbell tones for additional personalization, integrated video doorbell and access control, make it very convenient for daily use. The Outdoor Camera provides a 92-degree viewing angle, with durable aluminum and acrylic front panel to protect against potential vandalism. What’s more, waterproofing and IR LED projection provides both durability and clear images no matter the weather or Time of Day / Night. 

The indoor monitor controls brightness color, Volume and Music. Moreover, it is easy for surface mounting, and supports long-distance connections with a RVV4 Wire or CAT-5 Wire, the result is clear and stable video and audio streaming. It is also equipped with a 7 inch LCD Touch screen; 16 different kinds of Door Bells chime; while the Volume, brightness and contrast are adjustable

The outdoor unit is well protected from water and dust by IP44 graded materials, though it is not recommended mounting it outdoors. The multi-level adjustable volume ensures more flexibility. If required, the system can be extended by adding another indoor station, which allows remote communication.

Bottom line

Even if you don’t have the luxury of a smartphone or Wi-Fi connection, you can still protect your house, apartment, business, or premises with a video doorbell with a monitor. With this list, there should be no more excuse for why you can’t have a wireless video doorbell. Sit back, think about it, and make your selection wisely based on our list.


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