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Best Video Doorbell Camera for Apartments


If you’ve just moved into a new apartment and want to beef up your security, nothing could come in handier than a doorbell optimized for an apartment. Luckily for you, the market is full of doorbells, which can potentially make it hard and intimidating to find the right apartment doorbell. Fortunately, that’s where we come in. I mean, we understand that the security of your property is paramount. And for that reason, we have conducted extensive research and tested several doorbells to identify those that are best equipped for apartments.                  

D-3W Wireless Doorbell by AVANTEK

If you are looking for a high-quality and affordable apartment doorbell, one of your best options is the AVANTEK D-3W. This model is easy to install and offers a wide variety of functions that make it an ideal wireless doorbell for any apartment. 

First and foremost, the push button is waterproof, meaning that you can mount it outdoors without any problem. It also comes with two ready-to-use receivers, which can be installed anywhere in the house. The receivers have an impressive wireless range of over 400 meters, so you will not have to worry about the distance between the chime and the receiver. There are also 52 tones to choose from and five adjustable volume levels.

TeckNet’s waterproof video doorbell

One of the most economical options is this model from TeckNet. It comes in two colors and offers an extended wireless range of up to 300 meters. 

Other features include more than 52 ringtones to choose from, four-volume levels, and a waterproof push button, which allows you to place it outdoors without worrying that it could be damaged by water. Moreover, this doorbell is easy to set up, operates reliably, and its low price is unbeatable.

Tenswall Wireless Video Doorbell

If you are willing to spend a little more on a wireless doorbell, you can buy one with a built-in camera. This apartment video doorbell lets you see who’s at the door directly on your smartphone. As soon as someone rings, the video doorbell sends notifications to your phone, allowing you to stream 720-pixel video directly on your smartphone screen. 

It also has a two-way communication function, which allows you to communicate with your guest and keeps a history of missed ringing activity in case you missed it. This Tenswall video doorbell is waterproof and weatherproof. It can be synchronized with up to five different phones. 

Users say that this bell works as advertised, and lets you see who is at the door from your smartphone seamlessly. However, many say the system is difficult to configure and install, while others note that the software is recording a lot of false motion detection alerts.

Ring video doorbell

Lately, Smart Home technology is becoming more and more popular, so if you want to install a smart wireless doorbell in your home, your first option should be the ring doorbell. This smart doorbell is characterized by its motion-activated alarm system. While it easy to install and its camera can broadcast a video stream of 720 pixels on your smartphone. 

You will receive alerts whenever someone rings the doorbell or just shows up in front of your house. These are notifications that allow you to enjoy video and audio-on-demand with Live View features. This product is also equipped with a two-way communication function as well as alerts activated by motion detection. Another advantage of this smart doorbell is that it is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. 

Feedbacks claim that this model is well designed and provides high-quality videos. However, many people complain that the doorbell emits a lot of false movement alerts caused by the passage of cars or the movement of tree branches.

Homasy waterproof doorbell

Typically, older residential buildings do not have house-specific bells, and this could be frustrating, especially when expecting visitors or a delivery. Fortunately, the solution exists and will not cost you much. 

This doorbell kit comes complete with everything you need to mount it. It also has a remarkable wireless range of up to 200 meters. Some people point out that the product works well for second-floor apartments. 

There are also 52 melodies and 4 volume levels to choose from. And it is easy to install, and the range is excellent. Some users say that the sound quality is not the best, but that it does its job effectively.

The Honeywell 9 Series Wireless video doorbell

One of the frustrating aspects of most wireless doorbells is that their batteries need to be replaced regularly. If you are looking for a device with long battery life, you will surely be interested in the Honeywell 9 Series Wireless Portable Doorbell.

This modern product has an elegant design. Its push-button is illuminated by a bright halo, while the receiver is equipped with an LED strobe alarm in 9 colors. Features include a range of up to 200 meters, a variety of sounds, adjustable volume, and a sleep mode. Plus, the battery can last up to two years, eliminating the need to replace it every now and then. 

Users say the Honeywell 9 Series Door Bell works excellent, even when transmitting through multiple walls. Besides, many say they like the modern and fresh look of the receiver and appreciate the ability to download additional sounds if they wish.

Video Door Phone Doorbell Wires Video Intercom Monitor

Despite its modest price, NeoLight comes with serval several features that go beyond a standard package for devices in this category. 

The weather-resistant outdoor unit easily withstands temperatures between -40 and +55 degrees Celsius. Thanks to a 120-degree viewing angle, you will not miss out on any important detail. The installation of the two-wire intercom NeoLight Porta 7 is conceivably uncomplicated, and it is even possible to connect it on already existing wiring. 

The resolution of the seven-inch display monitors clocks at 1,024 x 600 pixels, which is above average and allows footage and images to be displayed appropriately. To store video and photo data, the station is equipped with a micro-SD slot.

Floureon Video Doorbell

This model takes two-way communication with visitors on your door to a whole new level. I mean, it comes with a noise suppression features so you can have a clear conversation with the person at the door. This makes it ideal for talking to delivery persons or reassuring your child when he comes home from school. 

With push notifications, you are notified every time someone is at your door. Images and video footage are sent directly to your smartphone whenever motion is detected (IOS and Android compatible), and you can choose from low, medium, or high settings to customize the sensitivity. 

With a Crystal clear 720p HD footage, you can rest assured that your home I protected during the day. And this extends even at night since it is equipped with night vision; for clear sequences in low light conditions. Record up to 20 events per day; plus, you can also store images and video footage on a 32GB TF card (maximum and not included).

Bottom line 

Typically, apartments are crowded living spaces that attract burglars and unwanted visitors. However, these apartment doorbell videos will get you back in charge, and you can always decide who let in your house and who to ignore. Moreover, you can also ensure that your apartment is safe regardless of where you are.


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