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Best PoE Video Doorbell Cameras on the Market


When it comes to identifying who is at your door – whether you are at home or away, nothing beats a video doorbell. I do not deny that peepholes work, but let’s face it, they are venerable to getting physically blocked, smudged, and wet. All of which can potentially block the view of who is knocking at the door, plus when you are not at home, there is no way a peephole can do its job. Fortunately, that’s where a PoE video doorbell comes in. With it, it doesn’t matter whether you are at home or not. I mean, regardless of where you are, you will still be able to see and even speak with the person outside your door. To help you out with your upgrade, we’ve rounded up the crème de la crème of PoE video doorbells so that your home can always stay secure. 

Logitech Circle 2

Version 2 of Logitech Circle presents a stylish and somewhat conspicuous design to ensure that everyone sees it. Its installation is simple, and it is available in 2 versions: wired and wireless, depending on your needs and preferences. 

It comes with a swivel base for mounting, which offers several adjustable angles in three levels (wide, ultra-wide, and 180 degrees, which provides a panoramic view of the building). Logitech has also equipped this model with a bidirectional microphone, which allows you to speak with the person on the door in real-time.

Circle 2 also comes in three different resolutions (360p, 720p, and 1080p) and several levels of sensitivity. At night, it has a range of 7 meters and can recognize faces over an area of ​​4 meters. Thanks to a facial recognition system, it quickly and easily identifies faces. The camera connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and through the Logi Circle app (compatible with iOS and Android). 

All in all, its price range, availability in two models, excellent visibility (regardless of the weather conditions), and its wide viewing angles are seductive.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest presents a camera with a stylish and elegant design making an ideal addition to your house decor. It is a discreet and adaptable product with little maintenance needs after installation. Most notably, it comes with a 7.5 m long cable, which is a waterproof USB cable that supplies power, since the camera only works with Wi-Fi. In terms of durability, it is IP65 certified, meaning that it is entirely dust and waterproof.

The camera also comes with a magnetic mount for installation. It is powerful enough to support. A wide viewing angle of 130 degrees makes it possible to see a vast area of your property. While its 8X digital zoom allows you to get a good look at the video footage. For seamless and uninterrupted communication, the camera has a high quality two-way audio function. The speaker at the base of the camera produces a loud and clear sound.

In terms of video quality, it offers Full HD video quality (1080p). This means it can capture enough details to identify whoever is coming to your home. For night vision, it is equipped with LEDs that have a range of 15 meters and illuminate perfectly in the dark. Thanks to facial recognition, if a person’s face is captured regularly by the camera, the Nest Aware app lets you know. With this, you can also program a monitoring time slot. 

Generally, Nest offers a quality security camera, which serves as a model for new IP cameras, with cutting edge features such as a 130-degree viewing angle, full HD video, and a robust cup-shaped design. 


Available in two colors (black and white), this camera, rather voluminous and solid, has a modern and elegant look with the camera in the center and the reflectors on both sides. It’s similar in design to Nest Cam or Arlo Pro. The manual and tutorials available on the application make it easy to install. 

It comes with a 60m long power cable 60 meters long, which offers some flexibility when installing. Moreover, it is IPX5 certified, which means that it is resistant to water and dust. The camera has a 110 dB alarm while the two-way audio system includes a built-in microphone and speaker for outdoor contact. Besides, the model offers 140-degree viewing angles that are superior to those of Nest Cam.

The camera records crisp, sharp images in Full HD. It has night vision with excellent vision, as well as a long-distance motion detector with adjustable sensitivity and defined areas. As a result, when an individual is detected, LED spotlights illuminate the surroundings. With your Wi-Fi connection, it is also possible to watch live or delayed footage via the Ring app (on iOS, Android, and Windows). 

All in all, this is a handy and practical PoE doorbell camera. It is a product of good quality which offers surveillance without blind spots. Clean images, night vision, and motion detector will let you know what’s going on in real-time on your property.

Netgear Arlo Pro 2

The second version of Arlo Pro looks a lot like its predecessor. It features 2 USB media ports for recording footage with removable storage devices. It is also IP65 certified and, therefore, resistant to water and dust, which makes it resilient to bad weather.

As an audio level, the Arlo Pro 2 offers several new sound detection features. Thus, when a sound or a movement is detected, the camera creates footage beginning 3 seconds before movement or sound is detected. Compared to the old version “Arlo Pro”, it has improved in image quality, from HD (720p) to full HD (1080p). This high resolution uses a removable battery, but this has a life of about six months. 

The night vision has a range of 7 meters, but beyond 3 meters, it becomes challenging to identify the faces on the night shots. However, during the day, the results are impressive. You can also zoom x8 and enjoy viewing angles of 130 degrees. 

The camera is controlled from the Arlo app, available on iOS and Android. As soon as motion or sound is detected, you receive an automatic notification that takes you directly to the video clip. 

You can also set defined surveillance zones. This function is free. If you want to have more zones, it is possible via a paid subscription known as Arlo Smart. 

Under the free plan, the surveillance camera stores backups for up to 7 days on the cloud, and this is seven times more than most models. And of course, Arlo offers the possibility to record in CVR (continuously) or in time slots. 

TMEZON V739B-Black

More than just a wired video doorbell, the TMEZON V739B-Black can be both a video surveillance, door control, and conversation system. Unlike others in its category, it is equipped with a program for capturing photos and videos and sending it to your smartphone. Compatible with Android and IOS, this video doorbell can be remotely controlled from a smartphone or tablet. Even if you’re not at home, you can always have an eye on what’s happening on your doorstep.

Upon delivery, you will receive a 7-inch color monitor, a doorbell, an outdoor camera, an adapter, two 4-pin connectors, a 2-pin connector, a 4-pin network conversion accessory, a user manual, and an installation CD.

Bottom line         

If you would like to monitor your home even when at work or on vacation, a PoE doorbell camera is your ultimate answer. With it, you can see and even converse with whoever is at your doorstep. And with one of these, all of this possible. You only need to make a decision on which is best suitable for your needs and preferences.


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