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The Best Doorbell Cameras for ONVIF


Is it possible to answer your door as if you were at home without being in the house? Well, the answer is yes. And if my guesses are right, that’s the reason you are looking for an ONVIF doorbell camera. You are not alone. Homeowners everywhere are frantically looking for such solutions, and perhaps that’s the reason why smart doorbells have become the hottest security devices to grace the smart home market. And it easy to see why. Unlike traditional ones, a smart doorbell is not only an elegant and crucial device but also an artistic piece of technology to factor into your home. Not to forget, the experience should also be seamless and effortless. Unfortunately, not every video doorbell can offer this convenience, and that’s why you need to make an informed decision before making a purchase. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the best ONVIF doorbell cameras. Read on!

The D-3W Wireless Doorbell by AVANTEK


If you are looking for a high-quality yet affordable wireless doorbell, one of your best options is the AVANTEK D-3W Waterproof Wireless Doorbell. This model is ONVIF compatible, easy to install, and offers a wide variety of functions that make it an ideal wireless doorbell for any home.

The push-button of the AVANTEK bell is waterproof, and this makes it possible to mount it outdoors effortlessly. It also comes with two ready-to-use receivers, which can be installed anywhere in the house. The receivers have an impressive wireless range that exceeds 400 meters, so you will not have to worry about the distance between the chime and the receiver. There are also 52 tones to choose from and five adjustable volume levels. All in all, this long-range wireless doorbell works great, and it is ideal for residential buildings. 

Tenswall Waterproof Wireless Doorbell


If you’re ready to spend a little more for an ONVIF wireless doorbell, you can buy one with a built-in camera. The Tenswall Wireless Video doorbell lets you see who’s at the door directly on your smartphone. As soon as someone rings, this connected, wireless video doorbell sends notifications to your phone, allowing you to display a 720-pixel video stream directly on your smartphone screen. It also has a two-way communication function and keeps a history of missed ringing activity. 

The Tenswall video doorbell is waterproof and weatherproof. It can be synchronized with up to five different phones. Moreover, users on Amazon believe that this bell works as advertised, and lets you see who is at the door from your smartphone. 

Ring video doorbell 2


Lately, Smart Home technology is becoming more and more popular, so if you want to install a smart wireless doorbell in your home, your best option is undoubtedly the ring video bell. This smart doorbell is characterized by its motion-activated alarm system. Besides, it’s a product that has received the best ratings from thousands of reviewers.

This bell is easy to install, and its camera can broadcast a video stream of 720 pixels on your smartphone. You will receive alerts whenever someone rings the doorbell or just shows up in front of your house. These are notifications that allow you to enjoy video and audio-on-demand with Live View features. 

This product is equipped with the two-way communication function as well as alerts activated by motion detection. Another advantage of this smart doorbell is that it is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. Amazon reviews attest that this model is well designed and provides high-quality videos. 

August Doorbell Cam Pro


The second-generation Doorbell Cam Pro smart call has received an improved night vision mode, which means that the gadget is capable of capturing color video at night in HD quality. The device is also able to detect movements and send notifications via the smartphone app.

What’s new in this model is the built-in fluorescent backlight, which turns on when motion is detected. This improves the quality of the recorded video and is useful for combating hacking.

Particularly impressive is the straightforward installation process of the Doorbell Cam Pro, but, surprisingly, the viewing radius has not been increased compared to the previous model. Even so, the way Interdev ice communication is very pleasing. For example, if there is an August smart lock at home, you can remotely unlock the door to allow a visitor entry. 

Videos can be watched live at any time, and the last 24 hours of recording are also available for viewing on the Internet. Therefore, if the camera detected movement late in the evening, and you want to check what it was, you can view the recording in the morning by downloading it for free from the Web. 

Ring Video Doorbell Pro


This wired video intercom records video in Full HD quality with 1080p resolution has a microphone and speaker for two-way audio can see in the dark within the infrared range, and can also be configured to ignore movements in certain parts.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro also sends a notification to your smartphone when it detects movement, and you can also connect to the call camera to see the footage in real-time.

The most sophisticated feature of this doorbell is that you can program to ignore certain movements. This is very useful if the field of view of the smart call camera partially includes streets and bushy areas. Ring Video Doorbell Pro comes with four faceplates to make the gadget the perfect fit for any door design. Watching live video is free, but viewing and downloading recorded video (for a period of 60 days or more) requires the purchase of Ring Protect, which will cost $ 3 per month or $ 30 per year.

Even so, several buyers of this model have encountered problems connecting the gadget to a very old call mechanism in their apartment. Therefore, it is recommended to check compatibility before purchase, especially if the doorbell mechanism is out of date at home.

Skybell HD


Like its competitors, Skybell’s doorbell can record HD video, has a microphone and speaker to communicate with anyone, a motion sensor to start recording video if the movement is detected, and a color night vision function. Skybell HD is straightforward to install, and there is no monthly fee for storing videos on the Internet. Instead, the video is stored for seven days on the Skybell server, after which it is deleted. If you need a copy of the video, you can download the video to your smartphone via the Skybell application, available for iOS and Android.

Video can be recorded in Full HD 1080p format, but lower resolutions are also available if the Internet connection is poor. It is also possible to turn off the bell so that it does not interfere with your child’s sleep.

Integration with Alexa means that you can control the doorbell while talking to the smart Amazon Echo speaker. There is also support for Z-Wave and Zigbee devices. Skybell can also work with Kevo smart locks, so you can remotely unlock the door to let someone in.

Netvue Belle


Netvue Belle claims to be the first smart call with artificial intelligence. Thus, the device itself greets visitors with its voice and asks them to identify themselves before transmitting this information to you. Like other doorbells, Belle has an HD camera and provides two-way sound so you can talk to anyone before opening the door. You can also speak to the visitor remotely.

Wisenet SmartCam D1


Unlike most doorbells, Wisenet’s SmartCam D1 uses face recognition to help identify who is at the door. The first time a smart call cannot do this, but it will take a picture of the caller’s face and ask the owner to identify it. The next time this person rings the doorbell, the application will notify who you who is at the door.

This can be a convenient way to find out when there is a friend at the door, not a salesperson that you might not want to talk to. In addition to face recognition, the call camera can also determine the difference between people and other moving objects, such as a cat passing by, so SmartCam D1 will not warn the owner and record video unnecessarily.

A feature called “Intelligent Abnormal Sound Detection” will notify the person when the device “hears” an alarm, the sound of broken glass, or someone else’s scream. You can watch live video for free at any time, but the recording for the last 30 days can only be seen with a SmartCloud subscription, which costs $ 4.99 per month or $ 49.99 per year.

Yale Look Door Viewer


Yale Look Door Viewer is a camera that fits inside your front door and “looks out” through the peephole. This means that the device is less likely to be visible from the outside, and also no connection to the existing intercom wiring is required. The Yale Look Door Viewer system, which has a simple installation, also detects movement and offers two-way communication, although this is delayed. 

The video quality of the 720p camera could be better, since it is a bit fuzzy at night, and the motion detection function is too sensitive.


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