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Avantek Doorbell Review


One of the most wanted, complete and reliable wireless doorbell, Avantek, is definitely among those products that lead the market.

Avantek Doorbell offers superior convenience, versatility, and performance. It’s specially designed for elderly use and has an outstanding, sleek design

Compared to other wireless doorbells, Avantek offers some exceptional features.

Avantek Doorbell has its own unique specifications and extraordinary features. And these qualities are exactly what makes this doorbell so desirable and reliable.

Before we start talking about these features, it’s essential to know that Avantek wireless doorbell has several models.

We’ll discuss each of these products, talk about their unique specifications and then, you can decide which doorbell suits you best.

Three most popular wireless doorbells of Avantek brand:

Now, let’s start discussing each three and see why exactly is Avantek so great.

Avantek Doorbell: Superior Performance

First comes the most popular one, the Avantek DT52 Wireless Doorbell.

1. Avantek DT52 Wireless Doorbell

Avantek Features

Avantek DT52 Wireless Doorbell is an answer to the question “how should a wireless doorbell look and work in the 21st century”.

It looks gorgeous, has multiple chimes including the timeless “Ding-Dong” song, it’s easy to install and most importantly, Avantek DT52 is a durable product.

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Avantek DT52 Doorbell Review

First, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Avantek DT52:

Pros  Cons  
48 door chimes including the timeless “Ding-Dong” song A lot of chimes are annoying or just strange
Easy to use Comes only in black
Modern design
Blue LED flash
Doorbell transmitter unit is weather, temperature, and water resistant
The doorbell kit includes everything that’s required to set up the Avantek DT52
Effective range 650 ft (200 m)
Good warranty (18 months)

The Avantek D52 Kit includes one doorbell button control, two wall plug chimes and mounting hardware. The instructions are very clear and the installation process is so easy that it can be done without the help of the manual.

What I think the instructions lack is having no warranty information. It would be a great addition if the Avantek team added some information about it because it’s really important for the buyers.

As for the other details, Avantek D52 looks modern, stylish and durable. After installing and using it for some time, the only idea that’ll cross your mind is:

“Why didn’t I buy a wireless doorbell earlier?!”

It’s true that the Avantek D52 includes 48 ringtones but many of those chimes are annoying. But there are some really good melodies which will suit any music taste.

The range of this wireless doorbell is really good. For a clearer understanding, it can easily handle a house with three floors.

What messages I get from users regarding this wireless doorbell is the battery. It looks like people are worried about the battery’s longevity and how often should it be changed. Well, last year, a friend of mine bought this doorbell for his house and since then the battery works like a charm.


This Avantek Doorbell is ideal for any home. It’s classy, modern, durable and loud. It’s weather, water and dirt resistant and if anything unexpected happens, you have an 18-month warranty.

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2. Avantek DT41 Wireless Doorbell

Avantek DT42

The Avantek DT41 is an extraordinary wireless doorbell with an unbelievably coverage rate (1000 ft working range).

The Avantek DT41 doorbell has an exceptional design. It looks strange but attractive and definitely attracts attention.

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Avantek DT41 Doorbell Review

As in the previous case, let’s start with the advantages and disadvantages of Avantek DT41 doorbell:

Pros  Cons  
Exceptional operating range (1000 ft) Some customers are annoyed with the displayed brand name
Easy to use Only one colour, black, available
Modern design
Has a silent mode
1-year worry-free product warranty
36 chime tunes to choose from
Music switches feature
Volume adjustment

Avantek DT41 Doorbell is a durable product with sleek design, stylish looks and great features.

The Avantek DT41 Kit includes one transmitter, one receiver, one battery, user’s manual and double-faced adhesive tapes. The biggest advantage of this doorbell is that it comes with an Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee protection.

Avantek DT41 is easy to install and only takes a minute. The doorbell kit includes every tool required for the installation process. Avantek DT41 doorbell is best for home, business, commercial, nursing and other uses.

There’s manual that helps you with the installation process which is written in a few languages. But, if you don’t understand any of them, you can still manage the installation.

The Avantek DT41 has few buttons and you can easily understand their purpose. Plus, when you’ll get the doorbell the doorbell button will already be paired with the receiver (it saves you some time). If you’re still interested how it’s done, instructions are present in the user’s manual.

Let’s move to next, my favourite, part!

There are several ringtones (36 ringtones in total) that are very unique and can be rarely found around. Avantek DT41 includes door chimes that say “Hello” and “Happy Birthday”. It also has some Christmas carols, anthems and two versions  of “Fur Elise”.

That’s not all. Avantek DT41 Doorbell includes timeless ringtones that can please any taste. The sound quality of this doorbell is what you’d expect from its price (it’s not bad but can be better).


In the end, Avantek DT41 doorbell is a quality product, works great and looks modern. It’s a reliable product that can surely fulfill your needs.

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3. Avantek DT32 Wireless Doorbell

Avantek DT32

A less famous Avantek doorbell that can be listed in the “underrated product” category. Avantek DT32 Doorbell offers superior performance and versatility. It’s ideal for office, elderly use and apartment use.

It looks nice, works great and has an excellent set of melodies.

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Avantek DT32 Doorbell Review

Traditionally, first comes the advantages and disadvantages of Avantek DT32 Doorbell:

Pros  Cons  
48 door chimes including the timeless “Ding-Dong” song Dull LED flash
Easy to use A little old-fashioned design
650 ft working range
LED flash
Doorbell transmitter unit is weather, temperature, and water resistant
Excellent quality materials and craftsmanship
AC power
1-year worry-free product warranty

What we need to talk the most are the top-notch melody and chime options. It has a noticeable advantage over the Avantek, DT52 and DT41, doorbells.

What makes the ringtones so awesome is the holiday-themed chimes. Avantek DT32 has a 650 feet/ 200 metres working range, volume adjustment features and high-quality sound.

One of the factors that make customers doubt this product is its price. They often ask questions like:

How can a product this cheap be a high-quality work?!

Well, it surely can.

The biggest drawback of this wireless doorbell is the name of the company plastered on the front of the doorbell.

Customers often complain about it stating, “that’s where my address and surname should go!” But it’s not something that should change your mind.

There are plenty of ways you can solve this issue.

I’ll talk about one more unpleasant thing. When you’re surfing through the ringtones and, for example, skip from 47th (which you want to set as a ringtone) to 48th, you can’t go back with a single click. You’re going to push the button for 47 times to get there.


If you’re looking for a well-made wireless doorbell with fantastic features and a cheap price, Avantek DT32 Doorbell is the way to go. It’s a great product with great features. It will totally meet your expectations.


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