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August Doorbell Camera Review


The well-known and frequently praised August Doorbell Cam is a powerful doorbell that delivers the sharpest video and offers some exceptional features.

Today, August Doorbell Cam is one of the best doorbells on the market that gets hundreds of positive reviews.

Considering the reputation August has, no wonder they’ve created such a powerful smart doorbell. Along with the company’s other products, August Doorbell Cam came out as a big success.

It could use some improvements but the company constantly works to perfect their product.

August Doorbell Cam has an extraordinary, square design that makes the product one of the most unique doorbells on the market.

Its square figure helped the doorbell to obtain the name of the “most elegant smart doorbell”.

If you think these are just plain words, let’s move on to more serious parts of the article and review the August Doorbell Cam, throughout.

With its built-in 140-degree camera, 1280×960 live streaming video, integration with the August’s own Smart Locks, August Doorbell is a top-notch product and can be considered as a market leader.

August Doorbell Cam Review: Pros & Cons and Verdict

When people talk about smart doorbells, the first product that comes to my mind is August Doorbell Cam. With the company’s reliable profile and successful product ratio, there aren’t any reasons why we shouldn’t trust their newest arrival, August Doorbell Cam.

1. Installation Process

Like any other wired doorbell, August Doorbell Cam can also be a little bit complicated to install. It might require some drilling or even wiring your home (if you haven’t done it yet).

But it’s not that hard as people talk about it. Mostly, you’ll hear phrases like, “Oh! It took me ages to set it up!”. Don’t listen to such things. If you’re not using the manual and this is your first time dealing with electricity stuff, of course, you’ll find hard to install it!

Let’s explain the installation process in more details:

It’s important to know that August has an unusual shape that might not fit your current doorbell’s place. August Doorbell Cam’s exact dimensions are 2.9 x 2.9 x 0.9 inches and before you decide to buy it, make sure you have enough space for it.

I couldn’t find a detailed video that would have explained the installation process step-by-step but I’ll link an installation guide taken from August’s website. It should be enough to install the doorbell without anyone’s help.

Here’s a great chart that’ll show you everything that the August Doorbell Cam box includes and everything you’ll need to install it.

What’s In The Box  What You’ll Going to Need  
August Doorbell Cam Tape Measure
1 Mounting Plate Hammer
4 Mounting Screws Drill w/ drill bit set
2 Wall Anchors Phillips Screwdriver
4 Wire Connectors Pen, Pencil or Fine-tip Marker
1 Hex Wrench Pliers or Crimping Tool
4 dolphin connectors
1 Mounting Wedge

The only part that I found hard while installing the doorbell was connecting the existing wires to August’s.  It took me about 15 minutes and finally, I successfully connected  them.

2. Design

August Doorbell Cam definitely is one of the best-looking doorbells. Its design and tiny, mostly unnoticed, details make it a gorgeous, attention-seeking doorbell.

If we compare it with other doorbells like Skybell HD, Doorbird, Ring and Skybell, August Doorbell Cam will come out as a winner.

Sure, the square design might be a little problem if it doesn’t fit your existing doorbell’s place but isn’t it worth making a little sacrifice to turn your home into a fortress?

I used the word fortress because if, along with August Doorbell Cam, you’ll buy other August’s products (August Connect, Smart Locks and Keypad), your home will undoubtedly transform into a perfectly guarded fortress.

August Doorbell Design

I’ve also heard lots of buyers talking about their visitors complimenting on their smart doorbells and saying how unusual it looks.

In short, August Doorbell Cam is an incredibly good-looking and an attention-seeking doorbell.

3. Features

I’ll talk a lot more about August Doorbell Cam’s features because this is the most important part of our review. Here, we can clearly see the capabilities of this doorbell and determine whether it really is as good as people talk about it.

First, let’s start with simple things.

August Doorbell Cam has a one-way camera view of visitors (to ensure privacy), 1,280-by-960 HD camera with a 120-degree field of view (one of the best in the industry), a really nice mobile app that works on both, Android and iOS.

August Doorbell Cam can be integrated with August’s other products like August Connect, August Smart Locks and August Keypad. That’s a huge plus if you already own any of these.

It’s also compatible with Apple’s HomeKit.

As for the mobile app, it works really good, it’s responsive and doesn’t crash. It loads in seconds and I’ve never seen anyone complaining about it.

The most important aspect of this chapter is the camera of August Doorbell Cam. We’ve already mentioned that it has a 1,280-by-960 HD camera with a 120-degree field of view. Plus, it delivers one of the sharpest and clearest pics and vids.

But August Doorbell’s camera has a little disadvantage that should be mentioned. It doesn’t have a LED light. August Doorbell Cam uses low-light technology to provide colour.

This is quite bad considering that other doorbells like Ring and Skybell use LED technology.

This doesn’t mean that August Doorbell Cam takes bad pics and vids at night. For visual examples, take a look at the pic posted below.

August Doorbell Cam Camera
Courtesy of 9TO5MAC

We can clearly see from the picture that August Doorbell Cam delivers sharp and clear snaps. I must say that the only doorbell that can offer the same quality is the Skybell HD.

Even more, August Doorbell has on-demand live streaming and delivers a sharper video than Skybell, Ring and Doorbird.

The biggest disadvantage of August Doorbell Cam is not having the feature to record videos and the lack of motion detection system.

Any doorbell that has the ambition to lead the market and become a best-selling product has these two important features, motion detection system and video recording feature.

For example, Ring, Skybell HD and Doorbird offer these services.

Fortunately, August announced that they’ll be adding both features really, really soon. So don’t get this drag you. As soon as August introduces motion sensors and cloud recording, it’ll skyrocket its positions and make it even more desired.

As for the sound, the audio quality of August Doorbell Cam is pretty good. It’s loud, clear enough and works well.

I’ll post a picture that summarises key features of August Doorbell Cam.

Key Features of August Doorbell Cam

For the record, August Doorbell is compatible with Apple Watch and if you prefer, you can also receive notifications there.

4. Pros and Cons

We’ve talked a lot about the doorbell but we’ve never mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of the doorbell.

Here’s a detailed chart that’ll give you a clear understanding of August Doorbell Cam’s strong and weak points. This way, it’ll be easier for you to decide whether the doorbell is worth the investment or not.

Pros  Cons  
Speak with the visitor straight from your phone No motion detection system
Easy to use No cloud recording system
Modern design
HD video and audio quality
Integration with other August products
Great mobile app
Comes in 2 colours
Great support

That’s pretty much everything about August Doorbell Cam’s pros and cons. Don’t forget the two features, cloud recording and motion sensors, will be available soon and the company will have one of the most perfect doorbells on the market.

5. Upcoming Features

The company plans to announce some big updates for users. For now, with iOS 10, the firmware will get a huge update that’ll significantly boost user engagement.

With this being said, in a few month, we’ll also get a motion detection system and a cloud recording service.

Moreover, August Doorbell Cam is the first to support Nest Cam integration. So if you own a Nest Camera, you can pair it with your August Doorbell Cam.

I even heard more, August Doorbell Cam will be compatible with IFTTT.  In short, the company is doing its best to create a product that’ll meet every need of a customer.

I believe, there’s more to come and the company won’t stop amazing us. Considering what they’ve done with the August Smart Lock (the best product on the market right now), I won’t be surprised if their doorbell turns out to be an even bigger success.

6. Support

Before concluding our review, I’d like to talk about one more thing. It’s the company’s support. I’ve seen some dissatisfied clients that didn’t like their doorbell or had some issues with the product.

All of those clients have complemented the support team saying that they’re friendly, helpful, reply fast and give professional bits of advice.

So if some problems arise after buying August Doorbell Cam, you can contact the support team and be sure you’ll get a quick and a professional answer.

Verdict on August Doorbell Cam

August Doorbell Cam

All in all, August Doorbell Cam is a top-notch product that, in a blink, might become an industry leading doorbell.

With its outstanding design, quality features and durability, August Doorbell Cam truly is one of the best products on the market.

Even more, if you already own or plan to buy August’s other products, you should purchase their doorbell without a second thought.

If you want a direct answer, right now, August Doorbell Cam is on the top 5 smart doorbell list.

Keep in mind that if you pair your August Doorbell Cam with the August Smart Locks, you’ll get such results that you’ll never regret buying it.


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